Fortnite World Cup Winner Bugha Gets Swatted

TJ Denzer,

August 13, 2019 7:55 AM

In a nasty turn of events, the 16-year-old winner of the Fortnite World Cup was recently swatted. Fortunately, no one was hurt this time.

Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf scored big when he won the Fortnite World Cup, taking home $3 million at just 16 years of age. Things have gone in his favor to say the least, but someone recently tried to turn his good fortune sour. The World Cup winner was recently swatted during a livestream.

Swatting is the act of calling the police to someone’s home with often big enough threats that an armed police force is dispatched. In the lightest of circumstances, it’s a stressful situation for the victim and a terrible waste of police time and money. In the worst of situations, it gets people killed as the threat is drastic enough that police often can’t be sure it’s a prank, as was the case when an unsuspecting Kansas man was accidentally killed by police in relation to an online argument resulted in a swatting.

On August 10, 2019, Bugha was streaming Fortnite when he suddenly left his keyboard in the middle of a match, leaving his fellow players puzzled. When he returned, he explained that he had been swatted.

According to Bugha, the situation was diffused thankfully by the fact that one of the officers called to the scene lived in his neighborhood and knew his family. Regardless, the situation left him appropriately shaken.

“They come in with guns, bro. They literally pulled up," Giersdorf said during the stream. "What if I just got popped?”

Whether the incident was a result of his recent fame or perhaps an angry player or troll making Bugha their target after a salty match, fortunately enough the World Cup Winner managed to come away unscathed.

It should be noted that swatting is no joke. The perpetrator of the aforementioned swat which resulted in a death in Kansas led police to arrest the person who made the call, resulting in 20 years in prison when everything was said and done. As a “prank” that can result in deadly results, it is fortunate that Bugha’s experience is one in which no one was physically harmed this time.

[Image by Eric Ananmalay/ESPAT Media/Getty Images]


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