eUnited claim victory at the Call of Duty: World League Championship 2019

Henry Stenhouse,

August 19, 2019 1:07 AM

Defeating 100 Thieves in a close 3-2 final, eUnited take home the CWL 2019 trophy.

The winners of the Call of Duty World League Championship 2019 are eUnited.

The seventh annual Call of Duty Championship came to a close last night in a tense final between American sides eUnited and 100 Thieves. Played out in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, the 2019 Championship final saw eUnited’s James "Clayster" Eubanks lead his side to victory over their rivals in a lengthy best-of-five series.

The eUnited side, formed of players Alex “Arcitys” Sanderson, Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson, Clayster, Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris and Chris “Simp” Lehr, was coached by Brice “Faccento” Faccento during the event, making a marked improvement from their fourth-place finish in 2018.

Proving themselves the best of 32 competing teams, the victory earned eUnited the much-coveted trophy along with a tidy bonus of $800,000 in prize money. On their journey to the trophy, eUnited overcame the 2018 winners Evil Geniuses and renowned Call of Duty side Optic Gaming. The result marks back-to-back wins for eUnited, who proved victorious in the CWL Pro League Playoffs that preceded the event.

Facing 100 Thieves in the grand final, the two sides went back and forth across the Control and Hardpoint gamemodes, leaving the result to hinge on a tense Search and Destroy duel. In the end, eUnited overwhelmed their opposition, capitalizing on a couple of quick kills to bulldozer through the final round and win the map six rounds to four.

The youngest player on the team, Simp earned the Most Valuable Player title for the championship after finishing with impressive Kill/Death ratios for Hardpoint, Search and Destroy and Control of 1.35, 1.76 and 1.2. With this his first year of competition, Simp described the result as a ‘dream’, thanking eUnited for giving him the chance to prove himself on the biggest stage of all.


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