The GG Podcast Talks College Esports

TJ Denzer,

August 23, 2019 2:03 PM

It's not Khaled Esports. It's College Esports! On this episode, the squad talks all about the growth and future of collegiate esports programs.

Rick Fox may be on a movie set this week, but even so he acts as the hallowed guest call-in on this week of the GG Podcast. His perspective is appreciated too as he, Jace Hall, Todd Roy, and Kyle Fox speak on the growth of collegiate esports programs, where it came from, and where it’s headed. From the growth to the obstacles it faces, the majority of this episode is college esports. Plus, is the Epic Games store the unstoppable monster that players make it out to be or were whiny, entitled trolls the real monster all along?

The August 23, 2019 episode of The GG Podcast - A College Degree in Esports? WHAT!? - can be heard in its entirety below.

With a background in player recruitment and combing the scene for the next esports athletes, Rick Fox shares his thoughts on the growth of the collegiate esports scene. The table speaks on early adopters and creators of programs and how they inspired various institutions to continue down that track, create infrastructure, and make some systems that help students go to school and then recruit them into the professional scene. The GG Podcast also looks at the growth of esports, the competitive landscape, and also the collegiate role in that development. Perhaps more importantly, discussion also covers collegiate esports’ role in protecting players, creating a healthy environment, and guiding their players towards a future in the business.

One of the issues that comes up with esports being included in collegiate athletics programs is the existence of Title 9 rules that are involved with athletics, which require programs to fill their roster with males and females in equal ratio to a certain level of the college’s admissions. With esports being as much of a male-dominated field as it is, does it stand a chance under traditional collegiate rules?

Meanwhile, after a break, the podcast returns to talk about the Epic Store. Kyle Fox shares his grievances with the community response to the Epic Store and its aggressive acquirement of exclusives. Where Fox posits that there are legitimate arguments against the Epic store having so many exclusives, such as the quality of the store client needing to be improved, it gets buried in a wave of mostly useless toxic negativity. Kyle laments the fact that consumer entitlement has done actual damage to games, such as Ooblets, simply because the games have taken deals to be on the Epic Store.

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