Fortnite Could Be Getting A Stephen King's It Crossover

TJ Denzer,

August 28, 2019 10:25 AM

New datamined files are pointing to a possible crossover event between Fortnite and It in which Pennywise and his tricks may be invading the island.

The second chapter of the reimagining of Stephen King’s It is coming fast. It Chapter Two is set to hit theaters and bring us fresh new nightmares in early September, and it would appear that Fortnite is jumping on board the scare train. New datamining has uncovered clues that Pennywise might be invading the popular battle royale with all of his trademark creepy flair.

On August 27, 2019, Fortnite dataminer FortTory revealed some interesting finds on their Twitter. The first of the clues was an audio file featuring various laughs, titled “Illinois_Laugh”. Each laugh was undoubtedly that of Pennywise, but further discoveries showed off a new little creepy balloon graphic reportedly coming to the game. It’s actually called Creepy Balloon in the files and interestingly enough is labeled under weapons. You can have a look at the Creepy Balloon find below.

Given that It Chapter Two is just around the corner, we imagine we can expect to see formal announcements of this content sooner than later and it’s exciting to say the least. Stephen King’s It is the latest entertainment to join in the growing list of Fortnite Crossovers. In the past, we’ve had content from Avengers, John Wick, and even Stranger Things when Season 3 was going on. Stranger Things brought us its own fun collection of creepy goodies, but It is arguably on a different tier altogether. We can’t help but wonder if we’ll see Pennywise himself join the fray either as an altogether creepy skin for players or something even more devious.

Either way, It is coming and we’ll look forward to seeing what form it takes. It Chapter Two is set to launch on September 6, 2019 in theaters. Are you excited to see Fortnite’s latest crossover event, or will it have you watching out for gutters in your battle royale endeavors?


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