Rick Fox & Jace Hall Talk World of Warcraft Classic On The GG Podcast

TJ Denzer,

August 28, 2019 8:10 PM

Does Jace Hall play WoW? We'll let the GG Podcast tell you. With World of Warcraft Classic having launched, the crew talks about the prospect of returning to the game and stories of WoW days gone by.

World of Warcraft Classic has launched and it’s taking the world by storm all over again. It’s not enough to distract the GG Podcast from giving due props to OG on winning back to back championships and over $15 million at Dota 2 The International 2019, but with congratulations aside the crew talks all about launch of WoW Classic as well as bygone stories of WoW from yesteryear. After all, WoW Classic came out to the fanfare of 1 million people watching it on Twitch with queues to enter servers in-game rising over several hours as of this writing.

The August 28, 2019 episode of The GG Podcast - Rick Fox Talks World of Warcraft! - can be heard in its entirety below.

The GG Podcast kicks off the show talking about their experience playing WoW when it first came out, what brought them to the game, and what it was like when they played before vs playing it now, including add-ons, loot sharing, and more. Todd makes it far less warm, fuzzy, and nostalgic when he also shares how he used his knowledge of Warcraft flora to impress (swindle) a romantic partner into thinking he knew anything about vegetation.

As an interesting aside, Jace Hall talks about his time in the industry when World of Warcraft came out and changed the gaming landscape for all other devs. Hall brings interesting insight to what it was like to try to compete and work around WoW as it was blowing up and becoming huge. Nonetheless, the question is answered quite thoroughly as to whether or not Jace himself plays WoW.

After a break, the table discusses a couple interesting group efforts including one guild trying to be the first to achieve various WoW Classic achievements live from Las Vegas. Meanwhile, another group is attempting to conquer and control the economy of an entire server. The GG Podcast talks about the interesting prospect of players pursuing various goals with the game like it’s brand new again and the sort of communities and emerging groups coming out of it.

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