Could Smash Ultimate SNK DLC Be Coming?

TJ Denzer,

September 2, 2019 8:23 PM

Recent clues point to the possibility that one of Smash Bros Ultimate's DLC characters could be an SNK character.

SNK has been on a roll this last year. The Samurai Shodown reboot successfully launched and was a prominent fixture of the festivities at EVO 2019. Just as well, at EVO they announced they would be working on yet another King of Fighters game for 2020 much to fans’ delight. Smash Bros is also on a roll, having captured players’ attention for the better part of its competitive and casual run in 2019. It seems like whenever there’s news about Super Smash Bros Ultimate, everyone is just dying to know. So maybe a collaboration of Smash Ultimate SNK DLC could be a match made in heaven… if the rumors are to be believed.

On September 1, 2019, YouTube channel GameXplain published a video about a possible leak from a Nintendo Page related to the Smash Bros Challenger Pack 4. At the time of their original posting of the video, the product page featured a copyright for SNK (as shown in the screenshot below). It was enough to get people talking. What if Terry Bogard or Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury or Kyo Kusinagi or Athena from King of Fighters was coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

The image featured in the GameXplain video definitely shows the SNK copyright. Was this a mistake by Nintendo?
The image featured in the GameXplain video definitely shows the SNK copyright. Was this a mistake by Nintendo?

It’s worth noting that the Challenger Pack 4 page was taken down for a bit and the SNK copyright has since been removed, making way for the usual copyright labels on Smash Ultimate. Many fans have speculated that it could have been a mistake. As one person pointed out on Reddit, the file size and copyright for Challenger Pack 4 was exactly the same as as SNK Heroines DLC character MissX. It has led many to believe that the mistake was that Nintendo accidentally copy and pasted details between the two pages.

Even so, it is an exciting possibility. Nintendo has stated previously that the upcoming character for Challenger Pack 4 is a female character and not many people have asked for her. It would lend credence to a character like Mai or Athena, and with SNK doing so much, including sending Geese Howard of Fatal Fury to Tekken 7 and Haohmaru of Samurai Shodown to Soul Calibur 6, it doesn’t sound outside the realm of possibility that Nintendo could bring some SNK love over to their Smash roster. Here's hoping the Smash Ultimate SNK DLC rumor is at least slightly true.

We’ll have more on this story as information becomes available.


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