Smash Bros Ultimate Terry Bogard DLC Announced

TJ Denzer,

September 4, 2019 9:41 PM

It looks like the rumors of an SNK character joining Smash Bros Ultimate are true. Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury is joining Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Recently rumors started to go around that an SNK character might be coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate thanks to some leaks. It turns out the rumors are true. Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury is coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate as the final fighter in the first season of DLC characters.

The news was confirmed on September 4, 2019 during a Nintendo Direct. After a recent listing with a certain copyright gave away that the fourth DLC fighter was somehow related to SNK, many wondered who the character would be out of the vast library of Neo Geo franchises. At the end of the day, could we have really been surprised that it turned out to be one of SNKs main stars, Terry Bogard? As one of the main stars of SNK in Fatal Fury, King of Fighters, Capcom vs SNK, and much more, Terry has always arguably been one of the most iconic characters of the SNK cast. You can have a glimpse at what he’ll look like in his Smash Ultimate DLC debut below.

Terry will be coming to Smash Ultimate’s roster in November 2019. As the final character of this collection of DLC characters, Terry Bogard rounds out the list of new characters for this year seemingly, but don’t fret if your favorite character didn’t make it in. Nintendo also confirmed that more characters would be coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate following the first series of Challenger Packs, meaning even more DLC characters are on the way after Terry. We can likely expect to find out more about another set of Challenger Packs and Smash Ultimate DLC coming in 2020.

Are you excited to play as Terry Bogard? Who do you want to see in a second series of Smash Ultimate Challenger Packs and DLC? Let us know in the comments!


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