When is Kai'Sa Coming to Teamfight Tactics?

TJ Denzer,

September 11, 2019 12:36 PM

Kai'Sa is coming to the popular League of Legends mode, Teamfight Tactics. Here's what you need to know about her TFT debut!

Kai’Sa is a pretty versatile character in the normal ranks of the League of Legends roster. An attack damage carry, Kai’Sa stands out from the pack with her ability to warp to enemy champions and lay on a ton of attack speed for quick hits and kills. Now the daughter of the void is coming over to the popular Teamfight Tactics mode. Here’s what you need to know about Kai’Sa as a TFT unit, including when she’ll release and more.

Kai’Sa was announced for Teamfight Tactics on September 11, 2019 in a Dev Corner update in the League of Legends forums. She’s available in testing servers on PBE now, but her official launch will come in Patch 9.19, which is right around the corner (League of Legends is on 9.18 right now). Her addition makes her the 57th champion to join the TFT roster out of the 145 champions in the game. She’s also the 10th of the ADCs to join the roster, though TFT isn’t quite as simplistic with its classes.

Kai'Sa is one of only a few characters in Teamfight Tactics that is dual-class.
Kai'Sa is one of only a few characters in Teamfight Tactics that is dual-class.

Kai’Sa comes to the game as a Void origin Assassin/Ranger hybrid and Legendary 5 cost champion summon. Boasting the highest attack speed in the game at the cost of a slightly lower damage, Kai’Sa is built to work well with items that depend on landing a lot of hits fast, like Statikk Shiv. She also comes with her Killer Instant ultimate that allows her to move all the way across the map behind the furthest enemy from her and gain an attack speed boost, making her just as mobile in TFT as in the regular League of Legends. She’s costly, but she can be a great late game asset that will eliminate foes and be hard to catch.

Her intro to the game came with changes to the Void class in that at 2 units, one Void unit will do true damage and at 4 units, all of them will do true damage. According to the Dev Corner blog, “this should allow void to not quite be so dominate early, but still be a viable option to scale into late game.”

Are you excited to play Kai’Sa in Patch 9.19 for Teamfight Tactics? As we await the patch, be sure to take a good look at your compositions to utilize or defend against her! And don't forget to check out our item cheat sheet guide!


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