Gen.G Announces Player Wellness Initiative

TJ Denzer,

September 12, 2019 3:44 PM

As esports player physical and mental health becomes a greater concern in ongoing competitive gaming, Gen.G has taken steps to ensure the longevity and well-being of its competitive stable.

As esports industry and infrastructure continues to grow and develop, so does the need to consider the long-term effects on players. Many organizations see a growing need to develop solutions and sports medicine specifically for esports players and their wellbeing, but recently, Seoul Dynasty operators and multiple-game esports organization Gen.G took a positive step in building a program with player health and wellness in mind.

On September 10, 2019, Gen.G announced a new Player Wellness Campaign in a press release, aimed at the above sentiment of sustaining health and building healthy habits. The plan is aimed inside and outside the game at esports athletes and fans with several sponsors having signed on to assist, including LA Fitness and Simple Habit. Within the organization, all Gen.G teams will have everything they need to ensure fitness and health outside of gaming.

Gen.G Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Martin Kim hopes that by way of supplying so readily for the players, the Wellness Campaign will, in turn, translate well to the fans who look up to them.

“Maintaining a high level of gaming skill can be both physically and mentally demanding. We want our players and fans to be well rounded in all aspects of life,” said Kim. “Through this Wellness campaign, our goal is to develop a healthier generation of gamers and instill a mindset of self-improvement.”

It’s not the first time Gen.G has shown interest in the efforts of player health. Having opened up their LA facility in July 2019, and another facility before that in Seoul in November 2018, Gen.G has made good food, good facilities, and access to beneficial programs a huge part of their expansion. As they continue to grow their games and look after their players, Gen.G has consistently shown that their players and teams are more than just resources.

As we continue to see esports grow, it’s good to see such effort put towards the continuing good future and fortune of players as Gen.G has done. As esports continues to grow, we can only hope that only organizations continue to see the value in player well-being.


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