Evil Geniuses Officially Acquire Echo Fox NALCS Slot

TJ Denzer,

September 26, 2019 4:50 PM

It looks like the dust has settled on the Echo Fox NALCS situation in regards to the slot. Evil Geniuses have officially acquired it, returning to League of Legends esports.

There has been a lot of curiosity and wondering about what would become of the Echo Fox LCS slot in the wake of Riot’s demand for the slot to be sold to and filled by another team in the North American competitive scene. Many hands were in the pot on obtaining the coveted slot, but ultimately, it would seem Evil Geniuses have claimed their place in a return to the NA LCS.

Evil Geniuses officially announced their return to the LCS on September 26, 2019 via a press statement and over their social media. Evil Geniuses CEO Nicole LaPointe Jameson expressed joy to be back in the ranks of League of Legends.

“Part of my experience with EG is knowing that in order to be considered the best, you have to compete where the best are,” Jameson commented in Evil Geniuses’ official statement. “I could not imagine an EG without a push towards the LCS, and we’re happy to be able to put down roots as a franchise owner. We’ve had nothing but a good experience working with Riot, and we’ll be expanding our operations to Los Angeles to accommodate the needs of the new roster. We’re looking forward to the new members of the EG cabal that will make all this possible.”

Evil Geniuses were in the League competitive scene up until 2014. Their return means Echo Fox is officially leaving the League of Legends scene for the time being. Many will remember that the slot went up for bid after a deal with the Kroenke Sports & Entertainment (the group that owns and operates the LA Gladiators Overwatch team among other ventures) fell through, forcing Echo Fox to put the slot up for auction with the help of Riot. With Evil Geniuses officially back in the NALCS ahead of League of Legends Worlds 2019, it remains to be seen what kind of team they’ll put together for the 2020 season.

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