How to Open the Apex Legends Loot Vaults [UPDATED]

TJ Denzer,

October 9, 2019 5:30 PM

You've no doubt seen the doors around Apex Legends Season 3 World's End map with decadent loot inside... but how do you get the keys to the loot vaults?

Since the arrival of Apex Legends Season 3 and the World’s End map, there have been some mysterious doors on the map. Behind each of these doors sits all sorts of purple and gold tier armor, attachments, and equipment. There’s hints in loading screens as to how to get into them, but if you’ve still been having trouble, it may be because of a countdown. Nonetheless, here’s what we know about the Apex Legends loot vaults and how to open them so far.

UPDATED (10/9/19 - 11:30PM): The Loot vaults are now open! Here's how you get into them.

How To Open The Apex Legends Loot Vaults

The loot vault countdown timer has reached zero and the chase is on for the keys! As suspected, the disco ball-looking loot drones are going to be your ticket to getting inside any of the Loot vaults. However, what we have learned since the counter hit zero is that there are are specific drones for the keys. If a drone is packing a key, it will have red outlines along the colored tiles. It doesn't appear to matter if the color of the drone is blue, purple, or gold, as long as they have the red outline. Of course, you should probably still go for the gold color if you can because then you can get a key and some guaranteed gold gear from the drone. You can have a look at what the key-holding loot drones look like below as pointed out by Reddit user mnkymnk.

Vault Keys are here. But it's a video. from r/apexlegends

Once you have the key, your map will be marked with the three locations below and you can go to any of the three locations to open the doors. That said, watch your back. For one, there could be enemies at any of the doors waiting for a sucker like you to show up, open the door, and do all the work before they kill you and steal the goods. There's also a chance that the location you go to could already be looted by someone else who got a key. Beware the unfortunate possibilities!

Original Story:

The loot vaults in World’s End are located in several tunnels throughout the map. One is just east of Lava City, one is just north of The Geyser, and the last is right south of the Train Yard.  Each is a rather simple door with an electric lock on it that has a countdown timer. The countdown timer is pretty long. It doesn’t finish until Wednesday, October 9, 2019 at 10AM PT / 1PM ET, and that seems to tie into the current state of the loot vaults and their accessibility as of this time.

There are three noticeable loot vault doors on the marked locations of the map so far, each with a countdown for October 9. [Image by EA]
There are three noticeable loot vault doors on the marked locations of the map so far, each with a countdown for October 9. [Image by Electronic Arts / Respawn Entertainment]

It’s in a loading screen tip that you may have learned that the flying loot drones in Apex Legends Season 3 and World’s End are meant to be your key to the loot vaults. These drones carry color-changing balls, and by shooting them during their brief purple and gold states, you can get better gear out of them. According to a hint during the loading screen, they may also supply you with a loot key that will get you into the loot vaults if you’re lucky. The only issue is that for the time being, they don’t seem to be handing out any keys whatsoever.

The keys may also be tied into the countdown timers on the doors. It would make sense for the tools to open the doors not to come early given the countdown, though it is odd that the hint on the loading screen spins it to players as something they can do right now. Either way, as we approach October 9 at the fated time, it might be best to keep aggressively going after those loot drones and doing your best to shoot them down during their gold states. Even if you’re not getting keys, they certainly pack some nice goodies for your loadout.

As we research the loot vaults, we’ll update this guide, so stay tuned for more news and information and check out our other Apex Legends coverage as well!

(Featured image by Prima Games)


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