Ubisoft Wants To Teach Kids About Coding Through Their Infamous Rabbids

TJ Denzer,

October 10, 2019 2:14 PM

Ubisoft's Rabbids Coding takes aim at teaching children important skills in the electronic age, and it's free.

In an age where computer literacy and programming skills are increasingly crucial, Ubisoft recognizes it’s good to give children opportunities to learn those skills early. In a recent effort to teach children coding, Ubisoft has enlisted the aid of their infamous raving Rabbids in a new game that aims to teach children about coding - Rabbids Coding! What’s more, the game is being offered for free.

On October 9, 2019, Ubisoft Corporate Community Manager Daniel O’Conner posted on the Ubisoft blog about Rabbids Coding. Ubisoft would be offering a new game based on solving situations via coding, utilizing the bizarre little rabbit-like critters known as the Rabbids. O’Conner then revealed that the game was available now and free on UPlay.

“Rabbids Coding is a game created to be a fun and engaging educational experience, giving people the tools to get excited about learning to code,” wrote O’Conner. “The game doesn't require any previous knowledge of coding at all; instructions are simple and can be dragged from a menu, placed in order, and tested with the play button. Didn't get the results you were expecting? Don't worry, just see where it went wrong, move some things around, and try again!”

Indeed, it’s a fun concept. Edutainment games aren’t as prevalent as they used to be in the days of Math Blaster, Word Munchers, and other such titles of yesteryear, but using the Rabbids is a fun way to teach kids about new skills which can absolutely help them out in a multitude of situations in today’s day and age.

It should be mentioned, this isn’t Ubisoft’s first run at doing a little education with their games as well. Players may remember that Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Origins both included their own little unique ways to play. Discovery Tour allowed players to forgo the challenge of the game and learn about the environments that the game offered, which was an awesome inclusion for games that are just chock full of history-bending content. That said, bringing a game like Assassin’s Creed into a grade-school classroom could be frowned upon. Rabbids is and has always been a much more child-friendly side of Ubisoft, which is befitting of a role in a game to

“It's Ubisoft's hope to see the game being picked up in classrooms and educational environments around the world,” O’Conner closed in his post.

Currently Rabbids Coding is only currently available on PC via UPlay, but we’ll have more news and updates on it and other fun community offerings as well. Stay tuned and get coding with the Rabbids!

(h/t: SuperParent)


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