All League of Legends League10 Announcements

TJ Denzer,

October 16, 2019 12:54 PM

League of Legends had a huge day on their 10th anniversary. Did you miss any of it? Don't worry! We've gathered all of their #League10 announcements here!

On October 15, 2019 League of Legends had their official 10th anniversary celebration, and it was a big one to say the least. For the longest time, League of Legends has been the sole available game of Riot Games, but that’s about to change big time. During their #League10 stream, Riot announced an enormous wealth of projects coming down the pipe, some of which will be ready in 2019 and 2020. Of course, the original League of Legends itself wasn’t left without some updates too. Here’s everything that came of the League10 anniversary announcements.

New League of Legends Champion Senna Revealed

In League of Legends, the characters Lucian and Thresh have had some serious business over the years. After all, Thresh stole the soul of Lucian’s beloved Senna. Well, League of Legends 10th Anniversary kicked off with a bang, reintroducing us to the fight between Thresh and Lucian, and it ended with an explosive reveal of Senna coming to the game as a new champion. We’ll look forward to a Champion Spotlight revealing her abilities soon enough, but for now, we have a pretty great reveal trailer of Senna’s impending arrival in Summoner’s Rift.

Both League of Legends & Teamfight Tactics Are Going Multiplatform

Teamfight Tactics has been one of the hottest new facets of League of Legends since its launch, and Riot is dedicated to continuing to make it grow. New seasonal sets are coming to TFT, starting with Rise of the Elements, but that wasn’t the only good news. Riot also announced that both Teamfight Tactics and League of Legends are coming to mobile iOS and Android devices. Teamfight Tactics will be fully released in 2020, but feature a few betas in December 2019 as well. It will have cross platform play with the PC version of the game.

League of Legends isn’t just coming to mobile, but also consoles in the form of League of Legends Wild: Wild Rift. Wild Rift is set to bring a true and faithful League of Legends experience to all platforms, built from the ground up to be more intuitive on mobile and console play. The ground-up approach means that it won’t be a 1-to-1 port of the PC game (meaning all champions won’t be available on Wild Rift), but those who have played PC will be rewarded for it if they jump into Wild Rift. League of Legends: Wild Rift will have alphas and betas in late 2019, and is expected to be available globally by late 2020. You can check out the full reveal of Wild Rift below.

League of Legends Is Getting An Esports Management Sim

Those who love League of Legends esports are about to get an opportunity to create their dream team. LoL Esports Manager is game in the vein of popular sports management titles like Football Manager and Out of the Park Baseball. Set to launch in 2020, players will build their rosters, manage map strategy, put together pick and ban lists, and more. You’ll even be able to match your esports roster up against that of friends and opponents online. It will start with the roster of the Asian LPL and gradually expand with players from other regions around the globe. If you’ve ever wanted to strategize your own esports ventures, LoL Esports Manager is your chance. You can learn more on the Esports end of the League of Legends website.

(Image by League of Legends/Riot Games)
(Image by League of Legends/Riot Games)

Riot Games Announces Fighting Game Project L

This may have been the only one we knew about coming into the League10 announcements. It was back at Evo 2019 that Riot employee and Evo mainstay Tom Cannon confirmed a League of Legends fighting game was in the works, but now we have our first look at it. Born from the bones of free-to-play mecha fighting game Rising Thunder, Project L will bring your favorite League of Legends champions together in a 2D fighter. The glimpse we saw gave us a look at the likes of Ahri, Darius, Katarina, and Jinx, but likely many more are on the way. Though we finally got our first look at Project L, Riot didn’t share much more about it just yet. You can check it out at around the 3:20 mark in the video below.

Riot Games Announces First-Person Shooter Project Ares

Project L wasn’t the only confirmation outside the MOBA and strategy box at the League10 reveals. Riot Games also announced a tactical first-person shooter, dubbed Project A (reportedly for “Ares” as reported by Rod “Slasher” Breslau). Project Ares has reportedly been in the works for years as they’ve worked to answer the issues that many players find in other games of this sort, including dedicated servers, bullet hit detection, cheater-banning infrastructure, and more. Project Ares wasn’t anywhere near ready for a release date announcement, but the team has promised that they intend to get everything right, bringing in pro Counter-Strike and Overwatch players to assist and advise in the matter. We can expect to hear more about Project Ares in 2020.

Legends of Runeterra Is League of Legends' New Digital Card Game

Games like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering Arena have captured the hearts of card strategists with their lore-heavy worlds. League of Legends has such a world to utilize, and it turns out they’ll be doing just that with their own new digital card game, Legends of Runeterra. Legends of Runeterra is set to bring all of the League of Legends champs you know and love into a strategic card game that can be played on both PC and mobile devices. What’s more, you can get ready to play it now. By heading to the Legends of Runeterra website, you can sign up for a chance to be involved in upcoming previews and events for the game as it prepares for launch. You can also check out a little bit of the game in action below.

There Will Be An Animated League of Legends Series Titled 'Arcane'

If you don’t feel like playing League of Legends (or any of the other games now announced), but still want to engage with the world of Runeterra, there’s actually an option coming for you. Riot announced that they are working in-house on an animated series call Arcane, set in the world and lore built up by League of Legends and featuring a mix of original characters and LoL champions. In the trailer, we saw locales reminiscent of the scientific and outlaw-rific cities of Zaun and Piltover, as well as the more pirate-like area of Bilgewater, but it featured the magic and sensibilities that have come to be associated with League and its lore. Arcane didn’t get a release date quite yet, but you can check out its reveal trailer below.

And that covers everything shared in the League10 anniversary announcements! Riot is about to put the “GameS” in Riot Games throughout 2019 and 2020, so look forward to coverage across all new League of Legends and other Riot Games projects. What was your favorite reveal?

(Featured Image by League of Legends/Riot Games)


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