ReKTGlobal Acquires FullCube To Support Rogue Nation

TJ Denzer,

October 23, 2019 11:32 AM

With their ownership of Rogue and a spot in the Call of Duty League, esports group ReKTGlobal has brought fan engagement platform FullCube into the organization.

ReKTGlobal has continued to grow rapidly as a force around the world in the esports community. Rogue is already a regular name in many gaming scenes and with the London Royal Ravens marking ReKT and Rogue’s place in the new Call of Duty League, there’s plenty to talk about when it comes to the group. With an expanding umbrella of good teams comes the need to engage with its fans, and that’s where ReKTGlobal has looked outwards. The group has acquired the fan engagement and community development group FullCube.

ReKTGlobal announced the acquisition of FullCube in a press release on October 23, 2019. FullCube has been in and out of sports and entertainment for some time, creating fan programs and cultivating community relationships. Meanwhile, ReKTGlobal has only fairly recently launched Rogue Nation as a means of connecting with fans of Rogue and other ReKT teams around the world. FullCube is intended to be part of Rogue Nation’s efforts in engaging fans and giving them insider content to enjoy with the ReKT teams.

ReKT founder and chairman Amish Shah was happy to be able to bring FullCube into the growing ReKTGlobal family, impressed by their history in fan interaction.

“Through our acquisition of Fullcube and its premier technology, we’re going all in on the enthusiastic fanbases through the creation of loyalty programs and monetization by bringing best practices from the sports, media and entertainment world to esports,” said Shah.

FullCube CEO and Co-Founder Parrish McIntyre was also enthused, and greatly appreciative of the opportunity to take FullCube into the world of esports.

“We’ve only begun scratching the surface of the esports industry,” commented McIntyre. “and are now in a unique position to leverage what we’ve done for traditional sports leagues, teams and other enthusiast audiences to help ReKTGlobal deliver exponential value to the esports fanbase. ReKT has a unique vision for the intersection of esports, music and entertainment, and we’re excited to put our technology and experience to work in support of it.”

Indeed, the fans and community are what make esports thrive as much as any organization. With FullCube joining ReKTGlobal and Rogue Nation, it would seem like fans of Rogue and other ReKT esports ventures can look forward to plenty of new opportunities to interact with the teams and players.


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