When is Monster Hunter World Iceborne Coming to PC?

TJ Denzer,

October 25, 2019 6:50 PM

Monster Hunter World Iceborne finally has a definitive date for PC players, plus you need to see the beautiful trailer Capcom has prepared for the announcement!

Monster Hunter World Iceborne gave players a fantastic reason to return to the hunt on consoles, but as usual, the PC version of the immense and frosty expansion has lagged behind. For all those PC players who have been waiting to take on the threat of the mighty Velkhana and more, we now know when Iceborne is coming to your computer.

Capcom announced an update on the Monster Hunter World Iceborne PC edition on October 25, 2019 with a new trailer on the Monster Hunter YouTube channel. Most importantly, the trailer reveals that Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be coming to PC on January 9, 2020. Besides that, we get a 60FPS look at some of the fantastic additions that MHW Iceborne has brought to the game. You can check out the trailer in its entirety below.

Iceborne has had its share of incredible original content such as the mighty ice dragon Velkhana, but it’s also been a love letter to long time Monster Hunter fans with a wealth of content drawing from far back in the series’ history. Classic monsters like the ferocious and belligerent Tigrex, the panther dragon Nargacuga, and the sword-tailed Glavenus have been part of the initial offering in Iceborne, while special monsters like the absolutely brutal ape beast known as Rajang have come along after the fact to deliver fresh fear into even the steeliest of hearts. Monster Hunter World on its own has been a great trek and Iceborne has upped the ante in nearly every way, including bringing a heavenly host of near gear and tools to the game, like wonderful new Clutch Claw grappling hook.

Will you be playing Monster Hunter World Iceborne when it comes to PC on January 9? Stay tuned for the latest news and information on Monster Hunter and Iceborne right here.


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