Diablo 4 Gameplay Revealed at BlizzCon2019, PVP Confirmed

TJ Denzer,

November 1, 2019 5:00 AM

We finally got a major reveal of Diablo 4 at BlizzCon 2019 and it included a look at gameplay and confirmation of player-vs-player!

Diablo 4 has been announced. This is not a drill. It’s back to Hell for all you intrepid explorers and your friends to take on all the demonic denizens in a new co-op action RPG in the legendary franchise. It’s good to see a true Diablo once more, but there’s more to it than friendship. We also got confirmation that PVP will (of course) be a part of the experience.

Diablo 4 was revealed during the opening keynote presentation of BlizzCon 2019. After the sour response on the upcoming Diablo mobile game, Blizzard came correct with a thorough wealth of information on a core series Diablo game. This included a first look at cinematics in the game, featuring the deadly demoness Lilith. Moreover, we also got our first look at gameplay in Diablo 4. Suffice to say, there was a lot to watch and a lot to look forward to when the fires of Hell died down. You can check out the gameplay trailer below.

The gameplay trailer is quite a cornucopia of combat and locations. We get a glimpse of mage, warrior, and druid classes and the myriad of things they can do. Between the ice bolts of the sorceress and the bear form of the druid shown, it was delicious carnage among the advancing demons and other enemies that challenge your advance.

What was also interesting was the inclusion of a glimpse at PVP. At around the 1:53 mark in the above trailer we get to see a short session where a warrior and mage engaged in combat with one another. PVP combat has often bit a satisfying side to Diablo, so it’s good to get a glimpse at its return alongside the usual co-op affair.

No release date has been confirmed yet for Diablo 4, but there’s still plenty to see. Stay tuned to Twin Galaxies for more Diablo 4 coverage as we continue through BlizzCon 2019!


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