Forbes Reveals The Most Valuable Esports Organizations

Nicholas Barth,

November 5, 2019 3:24 AM

A new set of rankings from Forbes shows the impressive monetary values that the most popular esports organizations in the world are currently worth.

There is no secret that esports has become one of the most popular and booming industries in the world. Many organizations over the years have become worth substantial amounts of money to where franchise leagues are now selling spots for tens of millions of dollars for teams to secure a place. 

A recent report from Forbes revealed the esports organizations that are currently worth the most in the world. Long gone are the days where organizations had to scrape by to field a team. These high-profile organizations are now the top dogs when it comes to competing, content creation, merchandise, sponsorship opportunities, and more. These values have also greatly benefited from the influx of investors, such as Drake, for 100 Thieves, who see the esports industry as the next big thing. 

With this in mind, you can find the top 12 most valuable esports organizations below:

1. Cloud9 - $400,000,000

1. Team SoloMid - $400,000,000

3. Team Liquid - 320,000,000

4. FaZe Clan - $240,000,000

5. Immortals Gaming Club - $210,000,000

Envy will be represented by the Dallas Empire in the Call of Duty League. (Source: Dallas Empire)
The Dallas Empire will represent envy in the Call of Duty League. (Source: Dallas Empire)

6. Gen.G - $185,000,000

7. Fnatic - $175,000,000

8. Envy Gaming - $170,000,000

9. G2 Esports - $165,000,000

10. 100 Thieves - $160,000,000

11. NRG Esports - $150,000,000

12. Misfits Gaming - $120,000,000

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