Twitch Rivals Announces Halo: Reach Tournament

Nicholas Barth,

November 8, 2019 3:29 AM

Fans will get to see a whole host of Halo Legends battle it out in the upcoming Twitch Rivals Halo: Reach tournament later this month.

Fans of competitive Halo will be getting a significant treat later on in November thanks to the upcoming Twitch Rivals Halo: Reach tournament. This Halo: Reach competition will be a part of the new Twitch Rivals Legends of Halo tournament series that will see the game's best professional players duke it out in some adrenaline-fueled action. 

The first edition of the Twitch Rivals Legends of Halo series will be taking place on November 12th. Four captains have been selected to create their teams that will consist of professional Halo players and high-profile Twitch streamers.

Eric “Snip3down” Wrona, Tom “Tsquared” Taylor, Justin “FearItself” Kats, and Tony “Lxthul” Campbell Jr. will be the four captains for the highly anticipated Halo: Reach tournament. 

All of the action from the competition will be broadcasted on the official Twitch Rivals channel on the well-known streaming platform. 

Who would you like to see compete in the Twitch Rivals Halo: Reach tournament on November 12th? Let us know in the comments below or over on Twitter!


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