Overwatch 2 Hero Comparisons, Who Looks Different

Liana Ruppert,

November 8, 2019 3:59 AM

Overwatch 2 has officially been confirmed with a few key glow-ups regarding some of our favorite heroes. Who has a new look? We're diving right in to find out.

Overwatch 2 is officially revealed and while it's not a true sequel - more like an expansion to the first game - that doesn't mean that some of our favorite heroes haven't had a pretty swanky-lookin' glow-up. From my boy Lucio, to Reinhardt in all of his glory, this video breaks down the design changes that Blizzard fans will see when Overwatch 2 finally drops. 

 Despite my hatred for Mei and her deceptively sweet nature when we all know she's an ice demon with that damned wall, I think I like her look the best. She looks more comfortable, more relaxed. I actually dig Mercy's new look as well despite some joking that she now has a "can I speak to your manager" haircut, though her eyes look like she's definitely done with having to chase her team to heal them. 

Reinhardt is rocking that ponytail like nobody's business, and my main Lucio has a more relaxed vibe as well. Looks like taking a small break did our heroes good - and that's great - but there's one thing we need to talk about urgently: Genji.

Can we just talk about his glow-up because that hoodie is boss. During a winter event last year, his brother Hanzo received a special skin in a similar hoodie style that fans loved, so it makes sense that the Blizzard team would want to do something similar with the other Shimada brother. That hoodie is dope and it makes me almost regret not liking his playstyle. 


The looks, as a whole, look pretty swell and we're excited to learn more about how the heroes in their new story setting play when Overwatch 2 adds more PvP and new story missions for the single-player experience many of us have been craving. 

It will also be interesting to see how the Overwatch esports scene evolves with this expansion's inclusion as well.

What are your thoughts on the Overwatch 2 hero changes? Wished to see something a little more dramatic, or is this subtle touch the perfect way to freshen up some of our favorite characters without changing them too much? 

Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below and tell us what you think about the Overwatch 2 reveal and what that means for our heroes! 

H/T Cycu1 for the video!


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