Halo: Reach PC Release Date Set for Next Month

Liana Ruppert,

November 14, 2019 4:31 AM

Halo: Reach for PC finally has a release date thanks to the recent Xbox X019 London event! Are you ready?

After numerous leaks, teases, and speculation, we finally have a Halo: Reach PC date and it's coming next month! The latest Halo news was confirmed during the Xbox X019 showcase in London, giving fans of our favorite Spartan a new way to experience a favorite game in a brand new way.

Now that we have our release date and a new look at the game, it's easy to breathe easy and be excited - something we know the team can definitely rejoice in. It's been a long journey getting this to PC, but if fan feedback is anything to go by, the journey here has definitely been worth it. 

Though the road to here has been a rough one, it was one treaded with care. "Our philosophy (more on that below) is that a straight port from console to PC just doesn't cut it; MCC needs to be authentic to Halo and the PC platform. The team has greater ambitions and we know PC gamers demand, and expect, more than that," we learned from a previous blog post from the studio back in May.

"Some out there may think it's "just a lot of copy and paste" to get things to work but making games at the quality level players expect is most definitely not that simple. A project can have hundreds, or even thousands, of people working towards one central goal: creating fun! It is a beautiful and unique process that each studio handles with finesse and flair that helps create a unique brand of magic."

Senior Producer from Splash Damage, the team aiding in the PC port, George Wright also added a little additional context into the care that went into the Halo Master Chief Collection for PC and Halo: Reach as well: 

"Even though the games are older, there's still a lot there: eight-game releases, and over 7 terabytes of data," explains senior producer George Wright. "There are multiple game engines, even non-Halo specific engines, with their own differing programming styles, and contributions have been made by various dev teams over the years. This means that there's a lot of complex content to analyse before we could properly get started."

Design Director Max Szlagor added that it will "deliver a system that captures the spirit of Halo: Reach, but delivers in a more modern way," which of course only added to our hype levels. 

We're excited to destroy friendships, er ... play Halo: Reach when it comes to Steam on December 3rd. 


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