Is the Fortnite Winter Royale Coming Back in 2019?

Nicholas Barth,

November 19, 2019 1:31 PM

Speculation has begun to rise in the Fortnite community regarding the potential return of the Winter Royale tournament for 2019.

The Fortnite Winter Royale was one of the most popular competitive gaming events in 2018. Players from across the world were able to compete from their houses for a share of a $1,000,000 prize pool. Now, some members of the battle royale game's community have begun to question whether or not the lucrative tournament will be making a return this year. 

This speculation regarding the return of the Fortnite Winter Royale in 2019 was sparked thanks to FAZe Clan Fortnite Coach DestinysJesus. The Coach posted an image on his Twitter account that suggested the competition would be making a return and that it would feature the duos playlist.

However, no official confirmation of a 2019 Fortnite Winter Royale event has been announced by Epic Games. This lack of confirmation means players should take the image above with a grain of salt, at the time of this writing. 

It would not be surprising to see Epic Games have the tournament make a return in 2019 considering how much attention last year's competition received. Unfortunately, the community will have to wait to hear from Epic Games before they can know for sure they will have a brand new prize pool to secure a share of soon. 


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