KRIMZ of Fnatic Sets CS:GO LAN Kill Record

Nicholas Barth,

December 4, 2019 6:04 AM

Fnatic Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player KRIMZ re-wrote the history books today when he set a LAN record for kills against MIBR.

It is always an exciting time in the world of esports when impressive records are broken due to insane performances from players. One of the latest of these instances happened on Wednesday, December 4th, in a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) match between Fnatic and MIBR. 

The two teams were battling it out in a match at the ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals, and Freddy “KRIMZ” Johansson decided to put Fnatic on his back to try and help his team secure a map victory on Dust II. The veteran CS:GO player was able to collect a total of 44 kills in regulation against MIBR. Unfortunately, the superstar performance of KRIMZ was not enough, as Fnatic fell to MIBR 19-16 in overtime. 

This 44 kill performance by KRIMZ broke the previous LAN record for regulation kills of 40 that was set by FaZe Clan player Nikola “NiKo” Kova? during the ECS Season 4 Finals back in 2017. 

This new record by KRIMZ will no doubt be difficult for any CS:GO player to break and will likely stand for a substantial amount of time. 

What are your thoughts on the record-breaking performance from KRIMZ today? Let us know in the comments below!

(cover photo courtesy of ESL)


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