New Fortnite Snow Map Leaked Following 11.30 Update

Nicholas Barth,

December 12, 2019 1:00 PM

Dataminers have uncovered a new snow map for Fortnite following the implementation of the battle royale title's 11.30 update.

Thursday, December 12th, saw Epic Games implement the highly anticipated 11.30 update to its high-profile battle royale game of Fortnite. Dataminers have since been combing through the files of the update and have leaked a plethora of new content for Fortnite. One of the most significant leaks that came out of the 11.30 update was a new snow map the title will soon be getting. 

Reputable dataminer HYPEX took to their Twitter account and posted an image of the leaked snow map, which showed off the Chapter 2 Season 1 map covered by plenty of snow and ice. 

You can find the image of the leaked Fortnite snow map below:

Epic Games has not yet confirmed this snow map, so do not take it as official. However, likely, this map will soon be the battlefield for Fortnite players during the holiday season. This would not be the first time that the entire map of the battle royale game was covered in snow. Season 7 of Fortnite saw Epic Games introduce a wintery theme that caused the whole map to become an icy tundra. 

What are your thoughts on the leaked snow map for Fortnite? Let us know in the comments below!


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