Watch DrLupo and TimTheTatMan Experience Hilarious Escape From Tarkov Moment

Nicholas Barth,

January 3, 2020 1:02 PM

DrLupo and TimTheTatMan gave plenty of Twitch viewers a healthy dose of laughs during a recent session of Escape from Tarkov.

Ben "DrLupo" Lupo and Tim "TimTheTatMan" Betar are two of the most popular streamers on the platform of Twitch, with both of the content creators routinely pulling in tens of thousands of viewers every time they stream. The massive amount of fans both streamers have meant there were plenty of people watching when DrLupo and TimTheTatMan found themselves in the middle of a hilarious situation in Escape from Tarkov.  

Escape From Tarkov is a first-person shooter survival game that has seen a surge of popularity on Twitch amongst streamers. Both DrLupo and TimTheTatMan were joining in on the fun of Escape of Tarkov when TimTheTatMan asked DrLupo if he could protect his character while he went to help his wife. 

Unfortunately, a shot crashes through a window in the building where both of the players were located and killed DrLupo's character right as soon as TimTheTatMan got up from his chair. 

A rash of hilarity soon followed as TimTheTatMan could not believe the timing of what had just transpired.  The unexpected elimination of DrLupo prompted the streamer to return immediately to his PC to make sure his character did not meet the same fate as DrLupo's. 

You always have to be prepared for the unexpected in the world of Escape from Tarkov, and this comedic moment between DrLupo and TimTheTatMan is a perfect example of what can take place when you least expect it. 

What are your thoughts on the unpredictable world of Escape of Tarkov, and its sudden rise to the top of the Twitch viewership charts? Let us know in the comments below!

(cover photo courtesy of DrLupo and Battlestate Games)


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