Apex Legends Would Be So Much Better With This Simple Social Feature

Liana Ruppert,

January 3, 2020 2:24 PM

One Apex Legends player drew up a small concept on how to make the playing process in the battle royale game much more enjoyable and efficient.

Respawn Entertainment shocked the world last year when they surprise-dropped their own free-to-play battle royale game to rival that of Fortnite with Apex Legends. With its own host of colorful characters and unique gameplay within the traditional battle royale flair, Apex Legends has evolved since launch in many ways to make it a phenomenal experience. That being said, one player drew up a concept that could up the social aspect of this online title in a simple-yet-effective way that the studio should definitely pay attention to. 

Currently, Apex Legends and matchmaking is pretty simple. You can talk to two people at a time, your party, but that'st about it. There's no real player-tracking or community fulfillment, which is exactly where Redditor 'FrozenFroh' came in with their idea. 

Concept: What if we had Networks/Clans? from r/apexlegends

As seen in the post above, this user implemented features that Apex players have been begging for by integrating some of Titanfall's network system, another property under the Respawn name. This system would use the dropship as a "base" and aims to give players the freedom to link up with various groups designed to find other players and fans of like mind. This could also decrease toxicity because the entire point would be outreach and player connection. 

This design is simple but could be a total game-changer. It would open up communication within the Apex Legends community immensely and ultimately enrich the gaming experience altogether. 

So far, Respawn hasn't acknowledged this concept draw-up, but the Reddit post is garnering a lot of attention so perhaps it could aid in inspiration for the devs while they continue to build upon this universe in 2020. 

As for the game itself, buddy system or no, Apex Legends is available now, for free, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Still no Nintendo Switch port yet, despite Fortnite's success, but we can still dream. 


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