Lenovo Legion Announces Apex Legends Global Series Exclusivity Deal

Nicholas Barth,

January 6, 2020 11:10 AM

The highly anticipated Apex Legends Global Series esports competition will be exclusively powered by Lenovo Legion PCs and monitors.

2020 will see the Apex Legends Global Series, the official esports program for Respawn Entertainment's battle royale game, begin with a total prize pool of $3,000,000 up for grabs throughout 12 events. The highest levels of this highly anticipated esports competition will see players exclusively compete on Lenovo Legion PCs and monitors. 

Lenovo will be providing 200 high-performance Lenovo Legion desktops and monitors for all of the Apex Legends Global Series Majors. Competitors will be able to qualify to compete in the Apex Legends Global Series Majors and utilize the powerful Lenovo Legion equipment by proving their skills in the circuit's online, challenger, and premiere events. 

The Lenovo Legion equipment that will be used for the Apex Legends Global Series Majors consist of the following:

  • Lenovo Legion T730 Tower
  • 9th Gen Intel Core i7 Overclocked 9700K Processors
  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 GPUs
  • Lenovo Coldfront 2.0 with Liquid Cooling
  • Lenovo Legion Y25 Monitor

Laptops from Lenovo will also be provided to the Apex Legends caster's desk to help bring all of the adrenaline-fueled action from the battle royale esports circuit to viewers across the world. 

This exclusive partnership between Lenovo Legion and the Apex Legends Global Series will begin at the first Major for the battle royale esports circuit, which will be taking place in Arlington, Texas, from March 13th to the 15th. 

There is no doubt that the skilled players who qualify for the Apex Legends Global Series Majors will not have to worry about their equipment holding them back. Thanks to all of the high-powered gaming gear that Lenovo Legion will be providing them this year. 

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