Click Crew Raises a Whopping 318K AUD for Devastating Australian Fire Relief

Liana Ruppert,

January 6, 2020 11:58 AM

Australia is in the midst of a devastating fire but many are stepping up for relief efforts including this dedicated band of streamers.

Australia is literally on fire right now and while the crisis is finally starting to get the media coverage it deserves, it's been slow-rolling out. With millions of animals perishing and a devasting amount of families fighting for their own lives and losing their homes, it's a critical time for Australia and all of its beauty. Thankfully, many are pulling their efforts to donate for a good cause and to aid in relief, including a band of streamers that has raised an impressive amount of money already. 

The Click Crew is an Australian streaming group that has been one of the many content creators pitching in their help for a worthy cause. Nathan 'Crayator' Ryan, Fasffy, and Kathleen 'Loserfruit' Belsten banded together for a 36-hour stream of non-stop gaming. During their stream, they raised over 250,000 AUD. 

Following hours of hilarious gameplay, camaraderie, and a group effort to help in relief, the team ended up pushing over 318,000 AUD in funds to help the firefighters, relocation teams, and wildlife preservation during this incredibly trying time. 

They're not the only ones to contribute, far from it. YouTubers and streamers alike are going all-in when it comes to raising money to help where they can. If you're looking to add to these amazing fundraising efforts, you can check out some of these incredible resources below to help out: 

Any other streamers that you want to give a thankful shout out to for their contributions? Drop those names in the comment section below! 


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