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RESULTS: TSM Take Down Long Time Rivals Cloud9

TSM are keeping to the script, taking down Cloud9 to continue their march towards a playoff spot in the NA LCS

For Cloud9, a victory here would mean possession of the number one spot in the NA LCS, while for TSM, a win is just another step in their march towards playoffs. Here’s a brief breakdown of the match.

Cloud9 struck first with a 5 man gank onto the TSM bot lane, taking two kills and securing the first turret. Both teams rotate top to try and gain advantage, and end up trading support for support in a minor skirmish, with TSM picking up the Rift Herald after. Though Cloud9 take an early turret advantage, TSM pick up the first Dragon of the match for some extra power.

Both teams look to secure vision of the Baron area, while the top laners duke it out in the bot lane. A fight breaks out with Cloud9’s support falling, but neither team can take advantage, choosing to pull back and regenerate instead. TSM attempt to bait Cloud9 into a fight, but lose their top laner in the process, forcing them to pull back slightly.

After TSM catch out Cloud9’s jungler, they begin to attack the Baron, forcing Cloud9 to respond. As the fight breaks out, Cloud9 lose their support and TSM secure the Baron buff before both teams fall back. Cloud9 secure a Dragon in response, but TSM are quick to begin pushing the lanes with the Baron buff.

As TSM siege the bot lane, they manage to take down three members of Cloud9 before taking down the inhibitor. With little defences remaining, TSM look to possibly end the game, however Cloud9 are able to push them away and maintain the game for the time being. Both teams look for control over the mid lane in anticipation of the Baron respawning, but Cloud9 are caught out of position, losing two members as TSM secure the second Baron.

After pushing down the top lane inhibitor, TSM pull back to secure their second Dragon before advancing through the bot lane once more. As Cloud9 engage in a last ditch defence, TSM manage to take down four members before pushing into the base to end the game.

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