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MVP Methodz Discusses CWL Atlanta Championship

Twin Galaxies was able to sit down and talk with MVP Anthony "Methodz" Zinni, after he had helped Rise Nation secure the CWL Atlanta Championship.

Anthony "Methodz" Zinni of Rise nation is on top of the professional Call of Duty world right now, as he was able to secure the first championship of his career with a grand finals victory over the red hot Red Reserve, who put together what many are calling the greatest Losers Bracket run ever. The high level and consistent performances that Methodz delivered as the main AR player throughout his team's dominant run at CWL Atlanta would grant him the honor of being named the MVP of the event. We were able to sit down and speak with Methodz after the dust had settled and get his thoughts on the huge achievements he and his teammates had just accomplished. 

After Rise Nation's impressive 250-139 victory on Valkyrie Hardpoint, Methodz was very confident in his team's ability to secure the championship. "After that first map, we knew that we were just better, and if we just played our game we would win the tournament."

Even though Daniel "Loony" Loza was feeling under the weather for the grand finals match, Methodz explained how Loony did not let that get in his way of helping Rise Nation to the win. "Loony didn't let it affect him at all. He said "Don't worry about me, keep your head in the game," and he was our vocal leader like he always is. His voice was a little raspy, but other than that it didn't affect us at all. He is a really good captain and he made sure to put his job over his personal well being."

With his first championship under his belt, Methodz will be looking to add even more to his collection this season. (Source: MLG)
With his first championship under his belt, Methodz will be looking to add even more to his collection this season. (Source: MLG)

"It's the best one of my career, since it's my first ever championship, and it is such an insane feeling," continued Methodz when telling us where this victory ranked in his career, "I never thought it would happen, and by far it is the best moment of my career."

One of the biggest obstacles that Methodz and the rest of Rise Nation had to battle through was keeping cool and collected no mattered what happened. "We had to stay composed and that is what we did the whole tournament. Even when we lost maps, we put it behind us and focused on the next one. We never let a past loss on a map get to us.

Even though Rise Nation put together a dominating performance at CWL Atlanta, there were still areas of the game that Methodz believes he and the team could improve upon. "Besides shaping up some of our rotations and Search and Destroy set ups, I thought we played lights out the entire weekend.

"Hopefully, a steak dinner and hanging out with the boys while enjoying this, until we fly back home tomorrow," were Methodz's top choices to celebrate his team's victory tonight.

With this championship victory, Methodz and Rise Nation are now the team to beat for the upcoming Stage One Playoffs of the CWL Pro League. With the $200,000 grand prize at stake, Rise Nation will be looking to Methodz to deliver another MVP like performance.

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