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RESULTS: 100 Thieves Bust Out the Darius Pick to Take Down OpTic Gaming

A surprise pick in the top lane helps 100 Thieves knock down OpTic Gaming in the NA LCS

It’s always a pleasure to see new champions make their debut, and even better when they do so with a win. 100 Thieves pull out the surprise Darius pick in their victory over OpTic Gaming, and here’s a brief breakdown of the match.

100 Thieves score first blood, as jungler William "Meteos" Hartman roams top to help top laner Kim "Ssumday" Chan-ho take down Derek "zig" Shao. After the top gank, Meteos heads to mid for a gank, and is joined by support Zaqueri "aphromoo" Black as they take down Tristan "PowerOfEvil" Schrage. With the early gank on top, Ssumday is now able to take down his lane opponent alone, while his teammates move to secure the first Dragon.

With mounting pressure on the top lane, 100 Thieves send three people top to take down zig, and secure the first turret gold. The game slows for a time, as both teams look for more advantages on the map, before 100 Thieves move to secure their second Dragon, and use the power of the Rift Herald to push in the mid lane, taking both outer turrets and landing more kills on the carries of OpTic.

With so much pressure on the map, 100 Thieves move to secure the Baron buff, with OpTic forced to watch from the sidelines. While most of 100 Thieves pressure the mid lane, Ssumday is caught out by OpTic in the bot lane, ending his streak and getting OpTic on the board. A fight in the jungle results in two kills for 100 Thieves, with OpTic forced to retreat back into their base. The 100 Thieves rotate to the bot lane, taking down the turrets and inhibitor after catching out OpTics AD Carry.

OpTic rotate to defend the top lane, but prove no match for 100 Thieves offensive power, falling in rapid succession as the Thieves close out the game. With their playoff spot already secure, 100 Thieves have sent a message to the rest of the NA LCS that they are capable of winning games in multiple ways, making them an even stronger threat.

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