Competitive Gaming News Update for May 2020

Twin Galaxies Editorial Staff,

May 15, 2020 11:10 AM

Michael Sroka from Settle it On the Screen brings you a few quick updates on the news revolving around Twin Galaxies.

Support your local Arcades!

During these Unprecedented times many arcades and barcades are effected economically with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Arcades have had to halt operations. If able, show some support to your local business by purchasing gift cards for future use. 

A few New Video Game World Record Scores!

Trojan on the Nintendo Entertainment System - Points - 833,550 by  Steven Lynn “8bit Steve”  

Golden Axe MAME - Most Strength - Two Player Team -501.00 Points by Sergio German Obuel & Rodrigo Bucciarelli

Major League Baseball  on the NES - Biggest Blowout - 205 Runs by Chad Brevik

Galaga on a original arcade machine -Tournament Settings (5 ships) 9,525,700 by Armando Gonzalez

World Championship of Classic Esports

Check out Gamemaster OOO ’s  year long esports high score leaderboard tournament.  Available to anyone and everyone. MGL 44 starts June 19, 2020.  Click here to find out more!

MGL 44

Hammer or Gavel Allowed

William (Billy) Mitchell files to sue Twin Galaxies and others for 13 Million (US) Dollars for Defamation. 

Twin Galaxies Expert Skill Index Leaderboard Update!

Check out the video above to see which gamers are shaking up the overall Expert Skill Index (ESI) Leaderboards on Twin Galaxies.


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