Twin Galaxies Welcomes Arcade1up, Streams Games on Twitch

Jason Bennett,

January 24, 2021 12:14 PM

High score competition among Arcade1up owners arrives at TG, as well as Twitch streams of TG world record games!

Arcade1up Cometh

So you’re a proud owner of an Arcade1up cabinet featuring one of your favorite 1980s or 1990s arcade titles such as the classic shoot ‘em up Galaga or the fighting action of Marvel vs Capcom. And after battling family members and neighbors, you’re the gameroom champion. Congrats.

But are you a world record champion?

In support of fostering passion and talent for video game playing, Twin Galaxies is continuously evaluating community interest in competing on new platforms and games as part of the TG community. 

To that end, TG has added titles from the Arcade1up series to its leaderboards, meaning that you can now record and submit high scores for review and earn bragging rights for being the best Arcarde1up gamer on your favorite title, bar none. 

An updated Pac-Man cabient is one of the many latest offerings from Arcade1up. [Source: Arcade1up]

To get things started, TG has added Arcade1up leaderboard tracks for Pac-Man, Galaga, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Marvel vs Capcom. While TG will be adding additional Arcade1up titles to its leaderboards, it will also be acting on community feedback so if you don’t see your favorite game when you visit TG feel free to post a comment on your wall.

Streaming World Records on Twitch

Every day gamers are competing and submitting performances with the hopes of earning a spot on TG’s leaderboards. Whether you’ve earned a high score on the Atari 2600 or fastest race time on the PS 5, each submission is accompanied by supporting video evidence, which remains attached to the record for public review. 

TG member Richard Weidmann enjoys some retro action on Mattel Intellivision's Skiing [Source: TG]

Now TG is taking these world-class performances and streaming a selection of them on its Twin Galaxies Live Twitch channel.

"TG decided to the start the live streaming of accepted performances as part of its continuing desire to help bring positive attention and exposure to submitters and their great gaming accomplishments," explained Twin Galaxies Head Custodian Jace Hall.

Submissions from the last 72 hours will be played back on the channel on a rotating basis, giving both the casual observer and serious competitor a chance to see the wide range of titles and platforms that are tracked by Twin Galaxies. 

So whether you have a talent for retro or the latest and greatest, you may find your score on TG's channel, too. 

To learn more about current and upcoming Arcade1up products, you can visit their web site here.

For additional information about how to join TG, requirements for submitting scores, and related questions, please visit the Official Book of TG Guidelines wiki.


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