The Tetris Community Crowns A New Silver Champion

Jason Bennett,

October 25, 2021 9:39 PM

After being seeded 96th, Supamines finds vindication in a dazzling finals

October may not be recognized as Classic Tetris Month, but it should be. Over the last three weeks, 64 qualifying Tetris players have competed in 8 groups or brackets in the hope of securing a Top 8 finish in order to move on to the ultimate goal - a chance to compete in the Classic Tetris World Championship or CTWC finals.

But the action hasn't stopped there. Over the weekend, players who seeded 65 to 96 competed in the Silver Tournament, and on Sunday the gaming community was treated to a highly entertaining and action-packed final between TobeGH3 and Supamines to crown the second ever CTWC Silver champion.

And the contest couldn't have been closer. TobeGH3 (sounds like Tobey) dazzled with his game play and only dropped one game as he marched through the brackets. But Supamines had his own storied journey. Seeded 96th coming into the tournament, he quickly dispelled any doubts about his caliber of play as he advanced towards the finals.

TobeGH3 and Supamines approach their second max-out in the Silver Tournament finals [Image source: ClassicTetris]

In a 3 wins-to-win showdown that commentator Mykal Buster declared was "gold caliber," both players opened the first match with a max-out - but in Supamine's case, it was a 1.1 million point achievement within a maxout that clinched it. The second match ended early with TobeGH3 tapping out as he couldn't burn through his stack fast enough before getting a long piece jammed too close to the centre, effectively halving the playing field near the top of the screen.

But both players quickly turned the page and kept the pressure on each other in a close third match, with each trading Tetrises as they worked through stack management and burns. And it led to a dramatic finish - a nail-biting max-out for both players. After a judges' huddle, it was determined that Supamines clinched his third game by about 3000 points with 1.025 million points compared to TobeGH3's 1.022 million.

In his inteview with Mykal, TobeGH3 was amazed by the entire experience.

"I'm still speechless, I didn't expect that at all," he said. "Getting two maxes, and even Supermines topping that, it was just insane. I was just having a great time.

Supamines reflects on the final against TobeGH3 with Mykal Buster [Image source: ClassicTetris]

As the newly-crowned Silver champion, Supamines shared, "It feels good. [...] I'm getting to the point wher I feel more consistent so I'm definitely looking forward to playing in more competitions."

Supamines was also among a growing contingent of Tetris players employing a technique to manipulate the pieces known as rolling, an approach that was originally created by Fly, a multi-record holder and unparalleled master of Konami's arcade game hit Track & Field.

"I was told about rolling back in October last year, and I've been practicing on and off," Supamines explained. "After I came back in July or August, I started full-time rolling."

Although this year's silver tournament is one for the history books, the weeks ahead will offer more Classic Tetris as we move close to the CTWC 2021 Finals and a new CTWC winner.

To learn more about the CTWC finals which will be held on November 14th, visit the CTWC website or Facebook page. And you can catch a replay of the Silver finals with Tobegh3 and Supermines on the CTWC's Twitch channel.


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