Donald Hayes Wins MGLLII With 11 Scores In The Top 6

Jason Bennett,

August 14, 2022 6:04 PM

The 2nd MGL of the 2022 season has now been completed, 51 gamers played in this very difficult competition

With another MGL tournament in the history books, MGL organizer Evan Mcgahey shared the following report on tournament highlights and results

Congrats to all competitors that played in this tournament, 11 different video games were played over the course of 59 days. We had 6 games that have never been played before Pigout, Out Run, Ponpoko, Vs Super Mario Bros, Pang and Pirate Ship Higemaru

In this tournament 11 different gamers had at least one of their games drawn from the games pool, they were: ILLSeaBass, John73, creech77, Dallas, DaLar, JohnnyBee, HAL1973, conzo, Mantalow and jgkspsx (1) Ace1942 and RichyS (2)

Four gamers made their MGL debut, they were stella_blue (with 55,143,160 on Out Run for 1st place) PG3 (with 451,060 on Ponpoko for 1st place) leejunfan777 (with 4,829,300 on Vs. Super Mario Bros for 1st place) and Germano D' Alessandro (with 88,700 on Time Pilot for 29th place, That’s some great gaming by all debutants.

With 11 games played there were 9 different game winners: megaderek (2) RMacauley (2), Dallas (1), DaLar (1) stella_blue (1), PG3 (1), leejunfan777 (1) gstrain (1) and dbh (1)

The competition was extremely tight for most gamers leading into the last three games of MGL52, 14 gamers scored over 900 points which is an amazing result, 3 gamers scored over 1,000 points.

There were 6 ties in this MGL, ZNC and NWNike both getting 961 points for 10th place, mapp24 and Busty34 both getting 875 points for 18th place, Ozfodder and JohnnyBee both getting 178 points for 37th place, stella_blue, PG3, leejunfan777 and gstrain all getting 100 points to win one game each for 41st place, ILLSeaBass and FuriousWolf666 both getting 99 points for 45th place and Fly and Prow both getting 97 points for 47th place.

Congrats to Donald Hayes for winning MGLLII with an astonishing 1,074 total points beating the rest of the competition by a 23 point margin, to win his 3rd MGL title after MGL48 and MGL51. He played fantastic throughout the entire tournament, His best scores were: 1,374,100 on Pirate Ship Higemaru for 1st place, 729,300 on Donkey Kong Junior, 219,460 on Ponpoko, 1,054,000 Time Pilot and 284,100 on Pooyan for 2nd place, 486,956 on Bump N Jump for 3rd place, 110,700 on The Speed Rumbler for 5th place and 135,445 on Pigout and 9,947,730 on Out Run for 6th place. Donald has managed to maintain in the top 10 for every game, well done.

Daniel Larsen finished in 2nd place with 1,051, total points, with a 29 point lead ahead of 3rd place and 23 points behind Donald, Daniel played outstanding throughout the entire tournament, His best scores were: 353,320 on Pigout for 1st place, 2,771,890 on Pang and 858,400 on Time Pilot. Great gaming Daniel.

Jeff Mikuska finished in 3rd place with 1,022 total points only (29 points behind Daniel His best scores were: 198,400 on Donkey Kong Jr, 10,240,630 on Out Run, 118,430 on Ponpoko for 5th place and 82,200 on The Speed Rumbler for 6th place. Well done Jeff.

Shahbaz Ss Sadiq finished in 4th place with 998 total points, with only 2 more points away from 1,000 and 24 points behind 3rd place, His best scores were: 2,997,070 on Pang for 2nd place and 279,050 on Pooyan for 3rd place. Nice gaming Shahbaz.

Robert Macauley finished in 5th place in his 39th MGL tournament with 997 total points only 1 point behind Shahbaz, His best scores were 1,129,044 on Bump and Jump and 334,250 on Pooyan for 1st place, Robert has now completed 39 MGL tournaments without missing a game, this is an amazing achievement congrats.

Darren Mcgahey finished in 6th place with 991 total points only 6 points behind Robert His best scores were: 169,420 on Ponpoko for 3rd place and 158,500 on Donkey Kong Jr and 82,500 on The Speed Rumbler for 6th place. Well done.

Evan Mcgahey finished in 7th place with 989 total points well done me :)

Pessimester finished in 8th place with 965 total points only 24 points behind 7th place, His best scores were: 1,373,400 on Pirate Ship Higemaru for 3rd place and 136,705 on Pigout for 5th place.

Charlie Milne finished in 9th place with 962 total points only 3 points behind 8th place, His best scores: 1,111,000 on Pirate Ship Higemaru for 5th place and 78,100 on The Speed Rumbler for 8th place. Nice gaming Charlie

Martin Patra and David Gaither both finished in 10th place with (961) total points each only 1 point behind 9th, ZNC's best scores were: 202,210 on Pigout for 2nd place and 128,720 on Ponpoko for 4th place. David's best scores were: 420,900 on Donkey Kong Junior and 31,322,170 on Out Run for 3rd place well done.

Rich Shearman finished in 12th place with 954 total points only 7 points behind 10th place His best scores were: 1,170,350 on Pang for 6th place and 94,455 on Pigout for 8th place. Well played.

Derek Long finished in 13th place with 951 total points only 3 points behind 12th place, His best scores were: 985,100 on The Speed Rumbler and 3,022,080 on Pang for 1st place. Nice gaming Derek.

Henning Gundersen finished in 14th place with 950 total points only 1 point behind 13th place His best scores were: 254,160 on Bump and Jump for 4th place and 180,900 in Vs Super Mario Bros for 9th place. Great effort Henning.

Henrik Wiman finished in 15th place with 921 total points only 29 points behind 14th place, His best scores were: 169,420 on Pigout for 3rd place and 1,583,570 on Pang for 5th place. Superb effort.

A special mention goes out Terence Wong who finished 16th place with 920 total points with only 1 point behind 15th place, His best scores were: 1,363,100 on Pirate Ship Higemaru for 3rd place and 107,350 on Ponpoko for 8th place. Amazing gaming Terence.

To the gamers who finished in the Top 20 a huge congrats to you all, Thank you to everyone who took part in MGL52, I hope you enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to seeing you all again in MGL53. This was a 2nd MGL tournament of 2022 season down and only two more left.

A special thanks to OOO for providing the MGL52 artwork and the mystery prize draw thank you.


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