Scoreboard Spotlight: It's Raining Bounties!

Twin Galaxies Editorial Staff,

December 7, 2022 5:02 AM

It's a dream come true - you can earn rewards playing video games at Twin Galaxies - and some gifted players have already won a TG Bounty Challenge! Let's check out some of these recent achievements

It's the first week of December, and many of us have been planning ahead and making plans for the holidays. We have a feeling that gamers will find some extra time to conquer their latest challenges, so why not follow the lead of this week's featured players by making screen time profitable?

Recently, Twin Galaxies introduced a bounty system where TG members can design special challenges for customized rewards around their favorite games. To celebrate, TG also launched its own series of Bounty Challenges that come with an Amazon eGift card and a rare TG Achievement Point. For this week, we're going to feature the initial group of gamers who've already conquered some of those challenges!

Northcoastgamer - $250 Montezuma's Revenge Bounty - Get More Than 547,350 Points - ColecoVision

Northcoastgamer became the new Indiana Jones of the video game world by beating a 22 year-old record playing Montezuma's Revenge on the ColecoVision console. Raiding a 16th century Aztec temple, Northcoastgamer ran through rooms filled with enemies and other dangers in search of treasure for nearly 2.5 hours. Northcoastgamer also found real-world treasure by winning a $250 Amazon eGift card by beating the TG Bounty Challenge with a new high score of 647,350 points. 

John McAllister - $250 Cosmic Guerilla Bounty - Get 35,000 Points or More - Arcade / M.A.M.E

John McAllister returned to outer space in the timeless battle of “ship versus aliens” for the chance to win a Bounty Challenge on the fixed arcade shooter Cosmic Guerilla. Playing the game in emulation, John set his sights on achieving a score higher than 35,000 points to claim a $250 bounty. After 30 minutes of blasting both marching extraterrestrial and UFOs, John smashed the previous TG record of 32,740 points with a final bounty-winning count of 54,840 points.

Tom Votava - $200 Looney Tunes: Back in Action Bounty -Traffic Attack (NTSC)

Tom Votava hitched a ride on a rocket and shot to the top of the leaderboard to claim a TG Bounty Challenge on Looney Tunes: Back in Action for the Nintendo GameCube. Playing as Wile E. “Never Give Up” Coyote, Tom was in hot pursuit of the Road Runner with the help of an Acme missile and probably would have caught the Accelerati Incredibilus if there wasn't the tiny issue of on-coming traffic. With the goal of beating the previous record of 350 miles per hour to claim a $200 bounty, Tom hung on as the cars came faster and faster until he crashed just past the magic marker at 351 mph to clinch the bounty with a new TG world record feat.

Justin Emory - TOP THE INAUGURAL - Bounty  - NES - Heavy Shreddin' (Points)

Justin Emory hit the slopes and finished at the top of the pack with some gnarly snowboarding on Heavy Shreddin' on the NES. With the goal of finishing events on three different mountains to win the game, Justin showed off some cool moves and tricks while competing on downhill, slalom, half-pipe, moguls, and backwood courses for 12,400 points, beating the 2015 record by 2k. With his new high score, Justin clinched the Top The Inaugural Bounty created by TG member bensweeneyonbass and walked away with 250 submission points, enabling Justin to keep gaming and submitting new records without missing a beat - or a jump.

Peter Nadalin- $250 Entombed Bounty - Get More Than 204 Points - Atari 2600 (NTSC)

Peter Nadalin took up a Bounty Challenge on the Atari 2600 title Entombed and brought down a 20 year-old record in the process. Peter' steered his player though vertically-scrolling maze trying to get as far as possible avoiding enemies and without reaching a deadly dead end. To claim the TG $250 Entombed Bounty, Peter had to beat the 2002 record of 204 points. With pressure building, Peter pushed through 7 additional sections of the maze to finish with 207 points to clinch the bounty and a new TG world record.

This covers our latest bounty winners for the Scoreboard Spotlight. And good news! There's plenty more bounties waiting to be claimed on games from arcade to console. Visit the Bounty Challenges page to see what's currently on offer, as well as rules and requirements for the different bounties - and don't forget to check back as more will be added. 

Keep scoring high, finishing fast, and game on!


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