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Valve Introduces Dota Plus Subscription Service

Valve is bringing out their own paid monthly service to compete with third party analysis tools.

The new update for Dota 2 has included something of a surprise for players, with the introduction of Dota Plus. Described as an evolution of the Battle Pass, Dota Plus is a combination of the existing system involving the unlocking of rewards through gameplay, alongside a new Plus Assistant, created to help players make in game decisions involving item and ability suggestions.

The new system has arrived with mixed reviews (blog.dota2.com)
The new system has arrived with mixed reviews (blog.dota2.com)

The new Plus Assistant gathers data directly from the millions of games played daily, and seems to be a direct competitor to existing third party websites built to help players. The new system has sparked discussion, with some players feeling that the introduction of a paid subscription that will provide real-time aid to players is pay-to-win. Some suggest that perhaps something like this should be a post-game breakdown, telling you what you could have done, rather than an in-the-moment suggestion, however others suggest that the issue lies not with the new technology, but the fact that it is locked behind a paywall.

The update also includes the return of the Battle Cup, allowing subscribers to participate in weekend tournaments for free, though others can still pay an entrance fee to join. The Battle Cup now rewards winners with more Shards, a currency introduced with Dota Plus, which players can use to purchase exclusive cosmetic items for their heroes.

While reactions to the release of Dota Plus have been mixed, one new announcement dropped recently has made people very happy, with the reveal of Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Switch. For more information on Dota Plus, check out the Official Blog Post, here.

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