Donald Hayes Rewrites MGL History with Seventh Title

Twin Galaxies Editorial Staff,

October 30, 2023 11:56 PM

This tournament told many stories

The following is a guest submitted article by Paul "OOO" Hornitzky for use by Twin Galaxies Editorial.

The 3rd tournament of the 2023 season has just been completed. 34 gamers engaged their way in this challenging competition as follows:

Congratulations to all gamers that played in this 57th edition of tournament play. It was a tremendous effort to compete on 12 different video games. We had 8 new games never played before in MGL history, which is 67% of the games played.

In this tournament, 10 different gamers had at least one of their games drawn from the nomination game pool. These were from Ace1942, DaLar, Evan04 (2), Hal1973, Ivanstorm, Lexa, Tony Cruise, Spectre (3), Tracey (2), and ZNC. This is the 2nd time in a row that Spectre has had 3 games selected.

With 12 games contested there were 5 different game winners: Dbh (5), DaLar (4), Evan04 (1), Lexa (1) and ZNC (1).

Congratulations to the game winners for achieving the high score on these games …

Donald Hayes - 991,000 Points

Donald Hayes - 393,000 Points

Donald Hayes - 248,880 Points

Evan Mcgahey - 3' 25" 16 (67,484)

Daniel Larsen - 554,000 Points

Daniel Larsen - 4,463,930 Points

Donald Hayes - 113,820 Points

Daniel Larsen - 355,610 Points

Daniel Larsen - 581,950 Points

Donald Hayes - 98,825 Points

Martin Patra - 38,650 Points

Petr Prokop - 294,600 Points

Our tournament winner is Donald Hayes with a total of 1,189 points. He won 5 games and was runner up 5 times to win the title. He has now rewritten the record books with his 7th consecutive MGL tournament win. The previous record stood for 10 years by legendary gamer Robert Macauley on 6 in a row. Don has now won 8 x MGL titles, 1 behind the leader Robert Macauley on 9 titles. Don has now played 110 games in the MGL and joins the famous MGL Centurions. He is the 47th gamer to join this distinguished group.

Daniel Larsen played superbly again for a consecutive 2nd placing and Martin Patra was a further 26 points behind for an outstanding 3rd place. Robert Macauley finished only 10 points behind for a super 4th place, and Shahbaz from Pakistan made a welcome return to action for a brilliant 5th place. Pessimeister, Spectre, Ace1942, Kane, and Evan04 played great to finish from 6th to 10th placings to make the TOP 10.

I would like to also give a special mention to Ivanstorm1973, Megaderek, Hal1973, Tracey, SMK, Mappy24, Lexa, Germano, Wan1993, BandontheRun, Homar, Busty34, Arcadinator, Lasice, Terencew, RichyS, Fire_Power, Almorte, DWO, Vikleroy, Bensweeney, GMU, Shearman360, and Derek for finishing from 11th to 34th placings. Playing the best you can is great stuff.

Congratulations to Lexa and Busty34 for joining the MGL Centurions as well. Outstanding!

This tournament told many stories. There were many late surges by gamers to win games, and it showed that it's very worthwhile to play to the very end. Some played to the early hours of the morning in their time zone and it paid off dramatically. With 8 games never played before it showed a sparkle from the vast empire of the arcade universe, from the many hundreds of games that can be played, and are still waiting to be discovered.

Thanks to everyone who played in MGL57. MGL58 starts on November 24th, so recharge, stock up the goodies, and get ready for some super action.


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