Scoreboard Spotlight: Redelf Fights Like a Robot on Frenzy & More!

Twin Galaxies Editorial Staff,

November 26, 2023 1:41 PM

If you ever find yourself lost in a maze filled with killer robots, it's time to jot down some survival notes by reading the latest Scoreboard Spotlight!

Every week, our job doesn't get any easier. And how could it? When the TG community comes together to recognize and celebrate a bounty of competitive achievements, there's never a shortage of highlights to choose from. Which is why we have some tough decisions to make! For this week's edition of the Scoreboard Spotlight, we embraced the great taste of root beer, learned a few dark secrets about the ever-lovable Kirby, witnessed how to defuse bomb with 10 seconds left, went on a colorful demon chase, and learned what to do if we came face-to-face with Evil Otto, so read on!

Northcoastgamer – Tapper (ColecoVision) – Points

Jeff Adkins had kid-friendly root beer on tap, but the customers were still unruly during his run for a new TG record on Root Beer Tapper for the ColecoVision console. Rolling up his sleeves, Jeff served up a storm of brewskis as he sprinted to catch empty mugs that patrons tossed at the end of the bar. After four stages of running his feet off, Jeff added up his tips and finished with 67,575 points on the Skill 4 track, breaking a 18 year-old record (along with some of those mugs he dropped).

LAH16 – Super Smash Bros. (Nintendo 64) – Most Consecutive Wins

LAH16 figured out that a deadly assassin lurked behind Kirby's sheepish smile, so he enlisted his help for a new TG record on Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 64. After defeating 10 competitors, it all came down to a final match against Master Hand. In return, LAH16 gave the big boss the white glove treatment with a trademark Kirby beating to finish his run with a max-out of 11 consecutive wins to claim a tie for first place.

Intellivision Master – Bomb Squad (Intellivision) – Skill 3 - Points

Intellivision Master used his nerves of steel to defuse a 16-bit bomb to clinch a new TG world record on Bomb Squad for the Mattel Intellivision console. Competing on the game's hardest difficulty, Intellivision Master had to defuse multiple bombs to crack a 3 digit code in order to clear the game alive. But with 10 seconds on the clock, Intellivision Master correctly guessed the last number to finish with a pressure-filled 8700 points. 

JasonTheVideoGameGuy – Magical Chase (Turbografx-16) – Points

JasonTheVideoGameGuy entered his name on the TG leaderboard with his first submission on the TurboGrafx-16 shooter Magical Chase. Playing as a young witch apprentice named Ripple, JasonTheVideoGameGuy embarked upon a quest to set things right by returning six demons that were released into the world. After 5 stages of magical action, JasonTheVideoGameGuy finished his chase with 372,560 points to take second place.

redelf – Frenzy (MAME 5 Minute Challenge) - Points

Redelf fought like a robot and zapped the leaderboard with a new high score on the MAME 5 Minute Challenge tournament for the classic shooter Frenzy. Trapped in a maze filled with killer machines, redelf shot first and asked questions later as he escaped Evil Otto's menacing smile with 13,600 points.

This covers our Scoreboard Spotlight for this week. As a reminder, these were just a few of exceptional records that were adjudicated and accepted recently. Every record that made it through verification and landed on our leaderboards has a well-deserved place in the Twin Galaxies gaming pantheon.

Keep scoring high, finishing fast, and game on!


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