Scoreboard Spotlight: 80sArcadeKid Rules Rygar & More!

Twin Galaxies Editorial Staff,

December 4, 2023 4:13 AM

4.5 billion years after Earth's creation, a new Dominator appeared in Brisbane Australia to begin his high score reign on Rygar the Legendary Warrior!

Recognizing and celebrating gaming feats are the stock and trade of Twin Galaxies, and this week we went back to the drawing board to review the latest and greatest achievements from the TG community. There's a lot of travel involved in this edition of the Scoreboard Spotlight as we book a flight to Australia to check out a new record set at the World Record Day Event at the 1Up Arcade, and along the way we'll blast off into outer space, hit the golf course, play with the gods, and climb into the boxing ring, so pull up a chair and dive in!

GregDeg – Phoenix (2600 5 Minute Challenge 2023 Championship) – Points

GregDeg wasn't going to let mutant birds of prey destroy his love of score chasing on the Atari 2600 thriller Phoenix as part of the 2600 5 Minute Challenge tournament. Despite the game's quirky backstory about radioactive nests and alien spaceships wanting to deplete earth's resources, GregDeg kept his focus on blasting as many nasty birds as possible within a 5 minute time limit, which he did with 41,530 points to take second place.

Steve Germershausen – Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 (PlayStation 2) – Least Strokes

When the going gets tough, Steve Germershausen gets going with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 for the PS2. Competing on the Tough Nine course in search of the least strokes, Steve's avatar gave a steely stare as he watched his shot land on the green to finish hole #3 with an eagle before wrapping up his run with 27, beating the record set in 2010 by a single stroke. 

Kireeti Phani Devarakonda – Puzzle Gods (iOS) – Level 3 – Points

Kireeti Phani Devarakonda said “Let there be an inaugural record” with his recent submission for the iOS game Puzzle Gods. Locked in a battle with Little Hades on Level 3, Kireeti mixed, matched, and outwitted the prince of the underworld by cashing in a final score of 57,280 points.

Pete Nadalin – Super Punch-Out!! (SNES) – Fastest KO/TKO

Peter Nadalin was more machine than man as he knocked out our favorite Canadian boxer on Super Punch-Out!! for the SNES. Bear Hugger came out swinging but Peter was ready with his combos that sent the Champion of Canada to the mat. After Bear Hugger got back up, Peter landed the High Super to the chin and sent his opponent flying to match the fastest Tool-Assisted Speedrun (TAS) time for this fighter with 12.92 seconds for a new TG world record.

80sArcadeKid – Rygar (Arcade) – Points

Competing at the 1Up Arcade in Brisbane Australia as part of the World Record Day event, 80sArcadeKid became a Legendary Warrior with a fabled record on the side-scrolling platform masterpiece Rygar. In order to defeat Ligar and his evil forces, 80sArcadeKid raised Rygar from the dead to save humanity and triumphed through 27 rounds with 6,517,900 points to become the new TG world champ.

This covers our Scoreboard Spotlight for this week. As a reminder, these were just a few of exceptional records that were adjudicated and accepted recently. Every record that made it through verification and landed on our leaderboards has a well-deserved place in the Twin Galaxies gaming pantheon.

Keep scoring high, finishing fast, and game on!


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