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Blizzard Unveils Next Hearthstone Expansion

The first expansion for the Year of the Raven is generating a lot of buzz

Blizzard has revealed the next Hearthstone expansion, The Witchwood, and it is already generating a lot of buzz. This new set will release at the same time as previous sets are rotated out of standard, and so far has introduced two new mechanics to shake up the game.

In addition to the new cards themselves, The Witchwood is also bringing out a new twist on the current Dungeon Run format, called Monster Hunt, with new heroes and powerful cards to aid players. Players are already quite pleased with the current Dungeon Run format, and requests for similar experiences quite often pop up on Twitter and Reddit.

Fans on Reddit and Facebook already seem quite excited by the announcement, as players attempt to figure out exactly how the introductions will affect the current state of the game. With the gloomy nature of the revealed cards, many comparisons are being drawn to other, similar expansions from different games, such as Magic the Gathering’s Innistrad expansion. Jake M. on Facebook commented that “This Is Innistrad for Hearthstone? YAAAAAAAAAAAS!” while others chime in with similar comments praising the design choice of the revealed cards.

The new expansion is drawing praise for it's style (playhearthstone.com)
The new expansion is drawing praise for it's style (playhearthstone.com)

Today seems to be the day for big announcements, check out the new Dota Plus subscription service, here. For more information on The Witchwood, check out the Official Information page, here.

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