Scoreboard Spotlight: Year in Review for 2023

Twin Galaxies Editorial Staff,

December 31, 2023 5:08 PM

As Father Time shuffles off the stage to make way for Baby New Year, we're taking a look back at a year of gaming excellence to share some amazing highlights from the last 365 days, many of which were selected by members of the Twin Galaxies community!

It's that time to sing Auld Lang Syne again – if you know the lyrics. Maybe you'll make a New Years Resolution tha we can all get behind - “I will make more time for gaming!” Or at the very least, you can follow some choice gaming feats that are the stock and trade of the Twin Galaxies community through 2024. Which brings us to take a look back with the Year In Review for 2023. As there are literally hundreds of performances to choose from, we took some inspiration from TG members who shared some of their favorite performances from the last year. Special thanks to Excelliron for leading this discussion with his Year-End Review wall post. So without further ado, let's go!

nibbler69 –  Nibbler (Arcade) – Points

Following the first billion point game on Nibbler back in January 1984, only a handful of people have achieved TG immortality with their own billion point effort. In epic fashion, Nibber69 has joined that elite group with an astonishing feat – a new world record on the arcade classic. To get there, Nibbler69 put on a display of incredible resilience by standing in front of the cabinet collecting dots as the game's ever-growing snake for nearly 54 hours before finishing with an incredible 1,233,326,800 points, beating the previous record set last year by a precious 30k. 

TB-303 – Boxing (Atari 2600) – Beat the Computer in 1:45 Bounty Challenge

And we have a bounty challenge winner! TG member TB-303 can hang up her gloves with pride because she boxed her way to a $250 Amazon eGift card and one TG Achievement point with a knock-out to remember on Boxing for the Atari 2600. That's right, TB-303 won the “KO the Computer and have 1 minute 45 seconds or more remaining” challenge by winning her match right on the button - in 15 seconds flat or with a time of 1:45 left on the clock. 

Rayfinkel – Donkey Kong Junior (Arcade) – Points

Rayfinkel climbed higher than anyone has ever climbed before on the Nintendo classic Donkey Kong Junior. That's right – 40 years after the game first hit those 80s neon arcades, the classic gaming community continues to witness incredible competitive feats. After setting a TG record in May with 1,533,100 points, Rayfinkel went back to the jungle and after 3.5 hours, he emerged as the undisputed world champion and Mario slayer with an epic killscreen run of 1,584,400 points. 

Andrew Mee – The Crew (Xbox 360) – Win the Race [Score]

Andrew Mee got a nice Welcome to Detroit while taking part in a “Win the Race” challenge on The Crew for the Xbox 360. Starting at the back of the pack, Andrew threaded his way past his competitors through mid-town Detroit where he won the race with an inaugural score of 16,042 points.

Joe Dearman – Defender (Arcade) – NO BAITER HUNTING - Points

Joe Dearman returned to the arcade to take up some unfinished business on the shooter classic Defender. As a participant in Twin Galaxies' first tournment back in 1982 - the California vs. North Carolina Challenge - Joe was never a stranger to high score competition. In September 2022, Joe continued his climb up the Defender leaderboard with 265,725 points. Eight months later, he returned to push his score to 308,400 points. And then this December, Joe pushed it all the way to the top with a new TG world record of 388,700 points on the “No Baiter Hunting” [5 Life limit] track in what TG member Almighty Dreadlock called “the greatest spectacle of human skill, brought out by the beauty of a machine.”

Almighty Dreadlock – Hill Climb Racing (Android) – Moonlander - Distance

Houston, we have a new record on Hill Climb Racing. Almighty Dreadlock landed on Earth with the Moonlander buggy and then went for broke on a rooftop race course that stood in for the moon's surface. With that astronaut know-how, AD pushed his buggy to the limit and nearly doubled the previous record set in 2018 with a new total distance record of 8,287 meters.

Redelf – Defender [Red Label] (M.A.M.E.) – Points [Marathon]

Competing in the MGL55 gaming tournament, redelf pushed the TG leaderboard into new record territory with his latest achievement on the arcade horizontal shooter Defender. Entrusted with defeating waves of invading aliens while protecting astronauts, redelf rolled the game's score counter 5 times after 6 hours of combat with a final record score of 5,057,425 points.

OOO – Pengo (Atari 2600) – Points [EMU]

TG member OOO has gone where no other Pengo player as gone before. With his latest submission on the Sega arcade classic for the Atari 2600 console, OOO emerged as the world record holder for the game on every platform (consoles, arcade, MAME) that is tracked at Twin Galaxies – 10 tracks in all. Check out the highlight video where OOO takes the sting out of the Sno-Bees after nearly 3 hours of play to finish with 1,218,070 points.

Daniel Yamntiz – Pole Position II – Fuji Track (Arcade) – Points

Daniel Yamnitz reclaimed the pole position on the TG leaderboard with a new TG record performance on the arcade hit Pole Position II. Following an exciting back-and-forth battle for the top spot, Daniel revisited the game's Fuji race track and put in a roaring 5 lap race to cross the finish line and take home a final score of 81,090 points. 

Daniel Ocampo – Trials Fusion (PlayStation 4) – Blimp My Ride – Fastest Completion

Daniel Ocampo took his skills to the next level with a fastest time on Trial Fusions for the PS4. On a level that looked like it came straight out of Tron: Legacy, Daniel was bathed in neon light as he made his bike fly without wings and completed the “Blimp My Ride” level in 54.166 seconds, beating the previous record of 55.781 seconds set in 2016.

JasonV91 – Donkey Kong 3 (M.A.M.E.) – Points [Tournament - Easy / Difficulty 1] 

Last year, JasonV91 clinched a new world record on Donkey Kong 3 on Hardest Settings so this July he decided to go for a new high score on Easy Difficulty 1. And JasonV91 made it look easy as  masterfully controlled the insect-crawling playfield with rapid-fire coverage all the while keeping DK at bay. After 2.5  hours, JasonV91 achieved DK supremacy by reaching the repetitive blue screen (stage 160) to finish with 3,453,200 points. 

crazymoose3k  – Dead or Alive 5 Last Round (Xbox ONE) – Points

Crazymoose3k had his opponents on the ropes for an electrifying TG record on the Xbox ONE fighting hit Dead or Alive 5 Last Round. Competing in Survival – Normal mode, crazymoose3k used the lethal moves of Alpha-152 to mix it up with an outmatched Akira and 29 other fighters to finish his high voltage run with 7,155,400 points to claim first place on the TG leaderboard.

Scott Hawkins – Geometry Wars: Galaxies (Nintendo Wii) –  Theta Clapente - Points

Scott Hawkins held top 10 scores on the Wii leaderboards for Geometry Wars Galaxies until Nintendo pulled the plug, so Scott dusted off his controller to reclaim his legacy on some of his favorite boards from the game. On his recent TG submission, Scott staked his claim with a glorious performance on the “Clapente” stage with a massive result – a dazzling record of 53,167,000 points, tripling the previous high score set in 2020.

HighScorsese – Sonice the Hedgehog (Sega Genesis) – 1 Life – Points

HighScorsese put it all on the line in front of a live studio audience and delivered the goods with a new “1 Life” high score on Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis. Promising a new world record at the outset of his panel at the TooManyGames Expo in Philadelphia, HighScorsese not only juggled the pressure to achieve the score but also the firm closing time of the venue. Through it all, he kept his eye on the prize and capped off his run exactly at the 10pm with 741,190 points, beating the previous record by 200k. 

Jeff Civitate – 720 Degrees (Arcade) – Points

Jeff Civitate performed some radical shreddin' and thrashed his way into the Skate City Hall of Fame as well as the Twin Galaxies leaderboard with a history-making score on the skateboarding hit 720 Degrees. Representing 35 years of playing 720 and 15 years dedicated to pursuing the record, Jeff clinched a new world record with an epic final score of 536,200 points, beating the previous high score of 527,100 points stretching back to the neon days of 1987. In addition to Jeff's high score moment, we're including Jeff's entire game - the first 536k game ever captured on video – for your viewing pleasure.

This covers our Scoreboard Spotlight for 2023. As a reminder, these were just a few of exceptional records that were adjudicated and accepted over the last 12 months of gaming action. Every record that made it through verification and landed on our leaderboards has a well-deserved place in the Twin Galaxies gaming pantheon.

Keep scoring high, finishing fast, and game on!


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