Donald Hayes Wins World Championship of Esports

Twin Galaxies Editorial Staff,

January 23, 2024 3:09 AM

In doing so, Donald becomes the only gamer in history to win two MAME Gaming League grand slams

The following is a guest submitted article by Paul "OOO" Hornitzky for use by Twin Galaxies Editorial.

WCE7 began 9 months ago on March 31st 2023. With another increase in schedule to 48 different games, this was the highest number of games played in a 32 week season. The toughest eSports championship in the world was played over 4 tournaments and attracted gamers into competition from 11 countries.

MGL55 was played from March-31 to May-28 and was won by Donald Hayes from New Hampshire. Terence Wong from Victoria Australia was only 1 point behind and finished in 2nd place. Zerst from USA made his MGL debut and finished in 3rd place, 16 points behind 2nd place. Martin Patra from Czech Republic finished in 4th place, and Daniel Larsen from Denmark finished in 5th place.

MGL56 was played from Jun-16 to Aug-13 and was won by Donald Hayes. Daniel Larsen finished in 2nd place, missing out on the title by 19 points. Terence Wong finished in 3rd place, 10 points behind 2nd place. Jacob Spring from Denmark finished in 4th place, and Pessimeister from Victoria Australia finished in 5th place.

MGL57 was played from Sep-1 to Oct-29 and was won by Donald Hayes. Daniel Larsen finished in 2nd place again, this time missing out on the title by 25 points. Martin Patra finished in 3rd place, 26 points behind 2nd place. Robert Macauley from South Australia finished in 4th place, and Shahbaz Sadiq from Pakistan finished in 5th place.

MGL58 was played from Nov-24 to Jan-21 and was won by Donald Hayes for his 4th tournament win of the series. Daniel Larsen finished in 2nd place, missing out on the title by 13 points. Shahbaz Sadiq finished in 3rd place, only 4 points behind 2nd place. Pessimeister finished in 4th place, and Martin Patra finished in 5th place.

Final World Championship of eSports standings:

Congratulations to all gamers that participated in WCE7, the seventh “all time” World Championship of eSports. To play in all 48 games for 32 weeks on these super tough arcade games is an incredible achievement. The Top 20 deserve special mention for their outstanding play during this marathon contest.

Several new personal bests and world records were achieved by gamers. Some of these MGL scores were submitted by gamers to Twin Galaxies for verification, and to improve their TG ESI ranking in the world standings.

The competition was close by all standards of tenacity, endurance, strategy, timing, and skill. Throughout the 4 close tournaments, Donald Hayes played outstanding in the 48 games.. He becomes the undisputed World Champion of eSports for 2023. This is his 2nd consecutive World Championship win, and he now joins Patrick Stanley as the only gamers to win two WCE titles. Donald is the only gamer to win the grand slam, and now he has done this twice. ( A grand slam is winning all four MGL tournaments in the same season. No other WCE champion has achieved this distinction. Statistics: WCE1 champion Daniel Larsen 1-3, WCE2 champion Chris Clemente 3-1, WCE3 champion Jason Vasiloff 3-1, WCE4 champion Patrick Stanley 0-4 , WCE5 champion Patrick Stanley 0-4 , WCE6 champion Donald Hayes 4-0, WCE7 champion Donald Hayes 4-0. For another sports comparison, Rod Laver is the only player in men's tennis to win the 4 grand slams in the same year twice.)

The Top 7 of the World Championship of eSports for 2023 are as follows:

1. Donald Hayes (USA)

2. Daniel Larsen (Denmark)

3. Martin Patra (Czech Republic)

4. Pessimeister (Australia)

5. Jacob Spring (Denmark)

6. Robert Macauley (Australia)

7. Charlie Milne (Australia)

Prizes have been won by these gamers for their outstanding performance in this World Championship. Congratulations to you all.

Congratulations Donald Hayes, World Champion of eSports for 2023 ...

The 2023 season was a wonderful year of gaming. I really enjoyed the constant improvement in scores by gamers, and the close competition between different players. The World Championship of eSports was open for a massive 236 days of top competition. There were so many new games never played before, that it opened up the playing field for great scores from everybody. It was terrific to have your company all season, and to run the tournaments for such a tremendous group of competitors. Thank you to all gamers.

Here are the WCE7 end credits, which recognizes all of the gamers, all of the games, and what it took to make the championships a reality ...



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