Scoreboard Spotlight: TomRagesOn With Primal Rage & More!

Twin Galaxies Editorial Staff,

February 1, 2024 3:21 AM

It's not a good idea to lose your temper, but rage might be the secret path to a new TG world record – and more!

The holidays are over, so whether it's school, work, or both, it's back to the grind – grinding out new TG world records that is. This week we have five highlights on tap to share that we've pulled from a veritable avalanche of highlights on the TG leaderboard. Check it out – we're going to garden, dial up the dune buggy, venture out onto the ice, fight some world heroes, and go on a primal rage, so read on!

Garrett Holland – Dig Dug (Atari 2600) – Points

It may be winter, but Garrett Holland went gardening for nearly 5 hours on the Atari 2600 classic Dig Dug. There was a lot of dirt to tunnel through and boulders to clear, not to mention all of the inflatable Pookas and Fygars. But Garrett wasn't about to do things half-way so he kept busy rolling over the score counter to end his run with an epic score of 3,971,380 points for a new TG world record.

swaggers  –  Hill Climb Racing 2 (Android) – Distance

Swaggers shattered the weekend tranquility of the countryside with a roaring record on Hill Climb Racing 2 for Android devices. Outfitted in his very own dune buggy, swaggers waved to all the alligators on the Backwater Bog course as he pushed further into the course and the record books with a final distance of 4,125 meters.

Michael Hayes –  Thin Ice (Intellivision) – Points

TG newcomer Michael Hayes made a huge icy splash with a new TG world record on the Intellivision release Thin Ice. For four epic hours, Michael skated around the screen as Duncan the Penguin who's addicted to ice skating while trying to avoid falling through the ice or falling into the clutches of the Seal and the Polar Bear. After reaching level 253, Michael dunked on his remaining penguin lives to end his run with 2,437,000 points. 

Matthew Neja – World Heroes (Arcade) – Points

Matthew Neja left no doubt who's the greatest World Heroes player with his recent submission on the Neo Geo fighting classic. For his run Matthew took control of our favorite M. Bison knock-off Brocken and marched through the competition like a man on a mission, earning the prize fight against the world-destroyer Gee Gus. Check out the fight as Matthew destroys Gus for a final TG world record score of 2,135,900 points.

TomRagesOn – Primal Rage (Arcade) – Points

Civilization might have died in the cataclysm, but new TG member TomRagesOn fought the good fight for a world record on the 1994 Atari hit Primal Rage. In fact, Tom provided an emphatic answer to the game's question - “Who will rule the New Urth?” Fighting as the fearsome Armadon, Tom showed his Draconian brethren that there can only be one with a tour-de-force display of fighting skill that netted him 6,455,400 points, beating a nine year-old record to become the leaderboard's new ruler. Congratulations!

This covers our Scoreboard Spotlight for this week. As a reminder, these were just a few of exceptional records that were adjudicated and accepted recently. Every record that made it through verification and landed on our leaderboards has a well-deserved place in the Twin Galaxies gaming pantheon.

Keep scoring high, finishing fast, and game on!


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