Scoreboard Spotlight: J.M. Smashes Final Fight 2 & More!

Twin Galaxies Editorial Staff,

February 19, 2024 3:04 AM

This week's lesson – don't get the mayor of Metro City on your bad side – and more!

At Twin Galaxies, it's video game player achievements all the time, and that gives us all the incentive in the world to share what we've seen cross our desk – the virtual scoreboard – during the last week. And let's just say, we have a lot more where this came from, but we're limited to 5 achievements for this installment, so let's kick things off with some high-octane highway driving, life as a paint brush, Pac Man for a new generation, personal cheering squads, and a big fight for all the marbles!

Stef Knucklez – Cruis'n USA (Arcade) – Fastest Race

It took Stef Knucklez under 2 minutes to topple a 27 year-old record on the Midway arcade hit Cruis'n USA. The record smashing went down in San Francisco as Stef outmuscled and out-jumped a crowded field of CPU competitors to claim the checkered flag at 1:44.85 to clinch first place on the TG leaderboard.

Ulisses Patriota  –  Amidar (Atari 2600) – Points

Alternating between an ape and a paint brush, Ulisses Patriota played for over 90 minutes to take third place on the Atari 2600 release Amidar. It was grid action all the time as Ulisses evaded nasty enemies who wanted to put an end to his game playing days but he found a way to fill the voids with solid colors and a solid 101,001 points. 

Andrew Mee – A-Pac (PC) – Points

Andrew Mee took our favorite dot muncher for a swim and an inaugural record on A-Pac for PC. Billed as “Pac Man for a new generation,” Eli BaBiLa's 1999 release introduced Andrew to a whole new world of Pac play in underwater and cloud-filled mazes, culminating with a final score of 16,640 points.

JamesDrew – Rave Racer (Arcade) – Fastest Race

JamesDrew had a “Steve Wiebe” moment as he clinched a new TG record on the arcade classic Rave Racer. While clocking his laps through the City track, JamesDrew wasn't alone – his kid was there to ask questions, distract, and cheer him on as James crossed the finish line with a fastest race time of 2:49.862.

J.M. - Final Fight (Arcade) – Points

J.M. not only destroyed the Mad Gear gang, he destroyed the previous high score with a new TG world record on Final Fight 2 for the Nintendo Super Famicom. With a new Mad Gear leader seeking revenge, J.M. made sure he didn't get very far. Fighting as Mike Haggard, J.M. cleared six stages, including the “final fight” against final boss Retu to clear the game with 2,296,300 points.

This covers our Scoreboard Spotlight for this week. As a reminder, these were just a few of exceptional records that were adjudicated and accepted recently. Every record that made it through verification and landed on our leaderboards has a well-deserved place in the Twin Galaxies gaming pantheon.

Keep scoring high, finishing fast, and game on!


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