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Korean League of Legends Player Suspended, Team Manager Resigns

One of the rookies from the LCK has been suspended after controversy arose over past comments made about a sensitive topic.

Rookie AD Carry Kim “Aiming” Haram has been suspended from the LCK 2018 Spring Split after it was revealed he had made suicide related jokes in in-game chat about a former South Korean Politician. The main issue arose when his team, the Afreeca Freecs did not respond to the allegations when they surfaced, prompting fans to promise boycotts of the team until their issues were addressed.

Aiming, as seen on Afreeca Freecs twitter
Aiming, as seen on Afreeca Freecs twitter

The criticism of the team continued to rise as Aiming was left on the roster despite the growing controversy, prompting the Vice President of the Afreeca Freecs, Jung Chan-yong, to announce on Facebook that Aiming would be suspended for the rest of the split, as well as undergoing community service and provided more education on these sensitive topics. In addition, the team’s General Manager, Jang Dong-jun, announced his resignation, taking full responsibility for the inaction on the matter.

The main criticism came from a lack of action by the team
The main criticism came from a lack of action by the team

Reactions to the news on sites like Reddit have been mixed, with some calling for leniency, feeling that the crime doesn’t warrant such a strong punishment, while others see this as yet another player in a long line of pros who don’t seem to realise the ramifications of their actions until it’s too late.

For more on players suffering the consequences of their actions, see the coverage of Dallas Fuel releasing star Overwatch player xQc for actions and comments made on stream, and to read the post from the Afreeca Freecs in its entirety, check out the page here (in Korean).

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