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League of Legends Player Uses Fancy Footwork On Rengar To Net A Double Kill

Some champions in League of Legends have some technical aspects that can be manipulated to wild ends. Watch this Rengar player use a ward, a special item, and the field to dance in and out of combat with two enemies and kill them both!

Few champions in League of Legends are as viciously savage and likewise nimble as the apex hunter Rengar. His ability to use brush to empower his regular attacks and boost his abilities through ongoing combat make him a champion with snowball potential, meaning he can become an unstoppable killing force in a game if left unchecked. There’s also some trickery to him in the hands of someone who knows full well how to manage his technicalities in situations that are unique to him. Watch how the player in the video below uses Rengar to overcome a Fizz and a Shen and outplay them completely.

The player on Rengar, tempname71211153, is on Fizz for the kill at the start of the play when Shen teleports in, giving Fizz defense and allowing for his initial escape while Shen engages Rengar. When Rengar enters brush or is stealthed, he gains the ability to leap to a target for his basic attack. Aiming to hinder Rengar’s ability to hide, Shen drops a ward in one of the nearby bushes – an action which the Rengar player is able to capitalize on. With the Duskblade of Draktharr item, a player reveals enemy wards and allows for attack on them for a limited time.

Revealing Shen’s ward in the brush, Rengar begins a dizzying array of leaping out to attack Shen and then retreating to nearby brush and leaping back to attack the ward in safety. This back and forth draws a greedy Fizz back to the battle to try to help save Shen, only to be targeted and taken out by Rengar. The hunter then goes back to brush and leaps after Shen to secure another takedown. The combination of Rengar’s particular style, the items in his loadout, and the particular point of combat near the bushes make for a perfect storm that allows temp to take full advantage of the situation.

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