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Tekken's For the Birds! Our Chat with T7 Chicken Developer Nick DeJesus

We've talked with a hot dog in the past, and now we're talking chicken with T7 Chicken developer Nick DeJesus! Nick reveals his favorite Tekken game of all time, his inspirations for developing the helpful app, and more in this exclusive sit-down with Twin Galaxies!

We’re already spoken to the fighting game hot dog, Jon Nitti, and now we turn our attention to some fighting game poultry, courtesy of Nick DeJesus, the developer of the Tekken 7 frame data app T7 Chicken. All we need now are some fighting game french fries and we’ll have ourselves one killer snack bar! We speak to the app’s developer about the app, his history with the game, and what he’s up to outside of his favorite fighting series.

The Egg Before the Chicken

DeJesus’ first experience with the Tekken series came during Tekken Tag Tournament, which he played at his cousin’s house growing up. It wasn’t until Tekken 5 that Nick owned a copy, with Hwoarang as his favorite character. “I honestly think it's literally because Hwoarang’s Hunting Hawk is the coolest move ever,” he said. “If Hunting Hawk didn't exist who knows where I would be right now.” Since then, DeJesus says, “I've been a tournament player for over 6 years. My very first tournament was Final Round. I almost made top 32, but my very first opponent I lost to was Anakin.” After bowing out to the Jack main, DeJesus realized he needed to get better, which fuels him to this day.

Since Tekken 5, DeJesus says he’s used Feng for two reasons: "Feng was the first character I ever saw do a juggle. This was before I knew anything so I assumed he was the only character that could do that. Later, I found out he wasn't even known for juggling, it was stomping. I tried going back to Hwoarang when Tekken 6 came out, but they replaced his back+4 with another move. At that point I made it a point to stick with Feng. I love his versatility and that he has an answer to every situation." 

Feng is Nick DeJesus' choice in Tekken 7

What is T7 Chicken?

According to DeJesus, T7 Chicken is, “a frame data app designed to help you access the important information we need to stay on our toes for competitive Tekken.” The app itself presents itself similarly to the way Tekken 7’s comprehensive move list is set up, with each move shown in a list format. When clicked, the app displays the input for the move, how much damage it does, how it hits (low, mid, high,) and the properties of the move on block, hit, and counterhit, as well as the “speed” of the move. Users can also sort moves based on type of hit, properties, safety on hit/block, and more. DeJesus mentions his hope to include GIF support in the future, as well as other ambitious plans. “It can be much more, we have tons of plans,” he said. “It's gonna come down to community support.”

Nick said the inspiration for the app came from West Coast Tekken player Rip. Rip developed the Level Up Your Game app for Tekken 6, which was a handy list of the ten best moves for each character in the game. DeJesus wanted more, and designed to learn an entirely new skill to create his dream app. “I had no idea how to code at all, and Rip is the reason why I learned a whole new skill and have a career in it now. He is the godfather of T7 Chicken. If it wasn't for him I would have never tried coding in the first place.”

For someone who is trying to now learn Tekken 7 at a high level, the T7 Chicken app is invaluable. Frame data is such an important part of Tekken, and knowing what you can and can’t punish could be the difference between a win and a loss at any rank.

Quicker Hits than Law’s 2+2+2

Tekken 7 on stage at ELEAGUE

Tekken’s first foray into the ELEAGUE format took place earlier this month, and DeJesus was thrilled to see his favorite fighter get its chance at the big stage. “I think it's incredible that Tekken is at ELEAGUE!” he said. “To be honest, I never felt like Tekken had a spotlight like the other fighters. I think there's a general consensus from all communities that Tekken 7 is a very great game and it feels like that's been solidified by the spot in ELEAGUE.”

DeJesus isn’t just a Tekken player, as he’s been interested in other popular games, including RPGs and shooters. “Right now,” he said, “Currently, I’m getting bodied in Monster Hunter: Worlds and I think I'm going to play Dark Souls very soon. I'm originally a shooter, Metal Gear Online 2 was life before Tekken.”

His favorite place to play is Balance Patch in Boston, especially when Travelling Controller is running the show. He praises the venue, calling it, “an amazing, one of a kind, and beautiful venue. The staff is amazing and friendly, there’s delicious food and smoothies, and lots of space for mashing buttons. I hope it becomes as iconic as Next Level and Red Bull Esports Arena.”

To download T7 Chicken, you can find it on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, and follow the app’s development on Twitter. For more from Nick, check out his Twitch channel, where he plays Tekken 7, Monster Hunter: World, and more, as well as his personal Twitter.

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