Ninja Breaks Twitch Viewership Record While Playing Fortnite With Drake (Update)

Nicholas Barth,

March 14, 2018 10:34 PM

The legendary Fortnite streamer is currently playing with Canadian rapper Drake and has broken a Twitch record.

Update - 9:12 AM PST

Ninja's highest viewer count for the stream hit its peak at just around 635,000, which is now the Twitch record for most concurrent viewers for an individual streamer. The Twitter trending session of Fortnite also saw Ninja's subscriber count jump up by 10,000, resulting in the streamer crossing the 180,000 subscribers mark.

We have replaced the live feed of Ninja's stream with the VOD of the entire celebrity filled affair for those who may have missed the momentous occasion. Drake makes his way onto the stream at the 3:31:00 mark with Juju Smith-Schuster and Travis Scott joining later on in the stream.

Fortnite has risen to become the most popular video game in the world at the moment. With millions of fans, the game has risen to become the most streamed and watched game on the popular streaming platform Twitch. The leader of the Fortnite craze on Twitch is Tyler "Ninja" Belvins, a former professional Halo player, who has quickly risen as the most popular Fortnite streamer with hundreds of thousands of viewers watching daily to see his exceptional skill at the game. Ninja has broken multiple Twitch records during his historic growth and is currently in the midst of adding another milestone to his resume. 

As of this writing, Ninja is currently playing Fortnite with Canadian Rapper Drake and has broken the Twitch record for most concurrent viewers for a individual streamer with the number hitting 621,603 viewers at one point, passing Dr. DisRespect's previous record of 388,000. Drake is not the only celebrity from outside of the gaming world that has joined the Fortnite action, as Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver and FaZe Clan member Juju Smith-Schuster and fellow musician Travis Scott are working to join Ninjas and Drake's squad, but some techincal issues considering cross platform invites, Juju is playing on the Playstation 4, are postponing the team up.

Fans have been anticipating seeing Ninja, Drake and Juju playing together, which began when Ninja alluded to potentially playing with Drake on one of his previous streams and Juju tweeting his desire to play with the Fortnite legend today. With Drake and Ninja currently the top two most trending topics on Twitter, there is a very strong possibility that Ninja's celebrity filled stream could break the record for most concurrent viewers ever. The current record was set by the ELEAGUE Major: Boston back in January with 1,130,000 concurrent viewers.

With the biggest names in gaming, music and sports joining together to play the most popular game in the world, we could easily be witnessing the biggest event in the history of Twitch. 


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