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Fortnite Announces Celebrity Pro-Am, Teases Competitive Play

Fortnite will be bringing together some of the best athletes, entertainers and Fortnite players in the world at this year's E3 conference.

It looks as though the world of sports, entertainment and Fortnite are going to continue to collide after last night's affair where Tyler "Ninja" Belvins, Drake, Juju Smith-Schuster and Travis Scott broke a Twitch record while playing Fortnite together. Today, the Fortnite team announced that Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am will be held at this year's E3 conference. Some of the biggest athletes, entertainers and Fortnite players will be forming the ultimate dream teams to fight to be the last ones standing.

With Ninja's celebrity filled stream the talk of the internet, it will not be surprising to see millions of viewers tune into Fortnite's Celebrity Pro-Am to see their favorite celebrities compete together in the title that is currently dominating the video game industry. 

Another major piece of news that was included in the announcement was that the details for Fortnite's first competitive season will be revealed in the coming weeks. With esports organizations like Team SoloMid and FaZe Clan creating competitive Fortnite teams, there has already been a major push by the community to turn Fortnite into a esports title. The announcement of Fortnite's first competitive season shows the community that Epic Games is dedicated to developing the competitive scene for their massively popular game. However, it remains to be seen if Epic Games will be working towards creating a franchised league, such as the H1Z1 Pro League, or if built-in competitive seasons like those seen in Overwatch will be the extent of the competitive aspect that Epic Games will employ for Fortnite

(cover photo courtesy of Epic Games)

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