Hearthstone Pro's Face Hunter Deck Demolishes Opponents

Jesse Collins,

January 18, 2018 4:30 PM

Firebat is considered to be one of the best in the world of the Hearthstone competitive scene. Take notes at why as he designs a classically styled deck and demolishes opponents with it in this power play!

It's not always the biggest hits or the most high-level, high-mana combinations that win a Hearthstone game. Getting out a healthy roster of low mana monsters in just one or two turns and plucking at your opponent's health can be just as if not more important in netting quick and easy wins. Few people probably know how to do this better than James "Firebat" Kostesich. Firebat is a champion player and a household name in the Hearthstone competitve scene. In this power play, Firebat brought a modern twist to one of his old Hearthstone decks, Face Hunter, which utilizes small needs to slowly peck away at opponents.

This deck can be dangerous against opponents who can rush out defenses in a jiffy. Building heavily based on the early game and good defense will leave you with nothing to finish the job. That said, for many players playing the long or even mid game, this deck can keep them from getting there with ease. Note that Firebat utilizes synergies between a host of small creatures like Bear Shark,  Alleycat, and Crackling Razermaw to buff one another and go right after the opponent's health counter as much and as early as possible. After a quick test against an NPC, he then takes it online to completely demolish a random player. Firebat is a deck doctor worth listening to and the Face Hunter deck is one to be feared if you're not prepared for it.


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